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script Splitgate AHK TriggerBot Hack

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Your attention is a ready-made script for the game Splitgate. This is an AHK script with a single TriggerBot function. With this script, you will be able to shoot much more accurately and your sight will be constantly aimed at the enemy. A very simple solution, but you will never get blocked for using this script, unless the community pays attention to you for a fast and perfect game, be careful.

How to use:

To run this script, you will need the AutoHotkey program

  1. start splitgate
  2. kill equ8 (anti-cheat)
  3. start splitgate triggerbot.ahk
  4. Hold XButton2
  5. enjoy


#SingleInstance, Force
#KeyHistory, 0
#HotKeyInterval 1
#MaxHotkeysPerInterval 127
SetKeyDelay,-1, 1
SetControlDelay, -1
SetMouseDelay, -1
SendMode, InputThenPlay
ListLines, Off
CoordMode, Pixel, Screen, RGB
Process, Priority, , High
TriggerKey      := "XButton2"
TriggerBotDelay := 20
Process = PortalWars-Win64-Shipping.exe
Process, Wait, %Process%
Process, Exist, %Process%
Global PID := ErrorLevel
Sleep 2000
Process, Exist, anticheat.x64.equ8.exe
if ErrorLevel {
    MsgBox, 48, WARNING!, Please turn off Anti-cheat!
CrosshairAddress := GetCrosshairAddress()
Loop {
    KeyWait, %TriggerKey%, D
    if ReadMemory64(CrosshairAddress, "ahk_pid" PID) {
        Send {LButton}
        DllCall("Sleep", "UInt", TriggerBotDelay)
GetCrosshairAddress() {
    SetFormat, integer, H
    ProcessBase := getProcessBaseAddress("ahk_pid" PID)
    Base := ReadMemory64(ProcessBase + 0x04F1B880, "ahk_pid" PID)
    offset := ReadMemory64(Base + 0x38, "ahk_pid" PID)
    offset := offset + 0x488
    Return offset
    SetFormat, integer, H
    winget, pid, PID, %PROGRAM%
    ProcessHandle := DllCall("OpenProcess", "Int", 24, "Char", 0, "UInt", pid, "UInt")
    DllCall("ReadProcessMemory","UInt",ProcessHandle,"UInt",MADDRESS,"Str",MVALUE,"UInt", 8,"UInt *",0)
    Loop 8
    result += *(&MVALUE + A_Index-1) << 8*(A_Index-1)
    return, result
getProcessBaseAddress(WindowTitle, windowMatchMode := "3") { ;WindowTitle can be anything ahk_exe ahk_class etc
    if (windowMatchMode && A_TitleMatchMode != windowMatchMode)
        mode := A_TitleMatchMode ; This is a string and will not contain the 0x prefix
        StringReplace, windowMatchMode, windowMatchMode, 0x ; remove hex prefix as SetTitleMatchMode will throw a run time error. This will occur if integer mode is set to hex and matchmode param is passed as an number not a string.
        SetTitleMatchMode, %windowMatchMode%    ;mode 3 is an exact match
    WinGet, hWnd, ID, %WindowTitle%
    if mode
        SetTitleMatchMode, %mode%    ; In case executed in autoexec
    if !hWnd
        return ; return blank failed to find window
    return DllCall(A_PtrSize = 4     ; If DLL call fails, returned value will = 0
        ? "GetWindowLong"
        : "GetWindowLongPtr"
        , "Ptr", hWnd, "Int", -6, A_Is64bitOS ? "Int64" : "UInt")  
        ; For the returned value when the OS is 64 bit use Int64 to prevent negative overflow when AHK is 32 bit and target process is 64bit 
        ; however if the OS is 32 bit, must use UInt, otherwise the number will be huge (however it will still work as the lower 4 bytes are correct)      
        ; Note - it's the OS bitness which matters here, not the scripts/AHKs

Developer: worse666💗

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