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python League of Legends Tool


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<-- Hello all -->

Are you like EdwardFly and only play league of legends

Do I have something for you (At most it is useless but still fun)

What it consists of:

  • Auto Lux Ban (Fuck Lux (In Progress))
  • Auto Accept Queue Pops
  • Remove All Added Friends
  • Message All Friends In Game


How it works:

The league client posts updates on

The package lcu_driver bridges the connection with ease, rather than having to do 50 lines just to get updates from the client.

How the features work:

Auto Accept: Subscribes to the gameflow updates and sends a post request once "ReadyCheck" is in the event.data

Send Message: Requests all activity from friends list, checks for anyone "online" then rechecks for anyone "inGame" and sends em a message (controlled by parsing args into python file)

Remove Friends: Does what it says on the tin.


How to run it:

Auto Accept;

     Is enabled by default

To remove all friends;

python auto.py -r 1

To send a message;

python auto.py -t "message.txt"




Remember to say your daily "Fuck you edward"


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