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Sup mf's i got some things to sell

 -VANITYCHEATS.xyz account with lifetime. It's a really good legit cheat if you want to be movement and also for legitbot. The price is 25 euro (Normally costs 40)

-fanta.club account - I don't need to say what cheat it is. But it's really good for semi-rage. Price is 10 euro

-Rifk7 account - Pretty good rage cheat with unique features and menu. Price is 9 euro

-Rizen.xyz invite + best config to it - Free private Rage and legit cheat. Having unique menu and features. Price is only 5 euro

-CS:GO legendary eagle master account. Price is 5 euro. My main account. Games: Borderlands 3, Rainbow six siege, The division, CS:GO prime, desolate, among us, fall guys, L4D2, WALLPAPER ENGINE. 2 badges (2021 service medal and broken fang DIAMOND coin) Price for this masterpiece account is 50 euro https://steamcommunity.com/id/Gucio700/


If you're intrested add me on discord: Gucio#3427

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21 hours ago, SippinFanta said:

thats ur main?

damn ur broke af

what? if ur steam is low level & dosen't have a lot of games. It does not make the person broke lmfao


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