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Apex Legends Hacks & Cheats

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We only provide easy to use, affordable and most importantly safe products.
Our focus is safety of our users and quality of the products that we provide.
We always make sure that you got what you paid for and your experience is smooth and worthy.
Please do not stop yourself joining our discord group and becoming a part of our community.



Game versions (servers) supported
Origin and Steam
Supported platforms
Windows 10 x64 (latest 3 versions)

+Aimbot - configurable auto-aiming experience:
-Accurate projectile prediction
-Two operation modes - Classic and and On Key (activates aimbot only when hotkey is pressed)
-Target bone selection
-Field of view control
-Auto Fire option
-Aim Lock - algorithm prioritizes most recent target to avoid random changes in the heat of battle
-Target priority rules - choose how algorithm will prioritize new targets
-Distance limit - configure max activation distance with granularity of 1m

+Glow ESP

+Player ESP

-Configurable activation distance
-Distance ESP
-Health ESP - bars or numbers
-Box ESP - 2D or 3D
-customizable colors for visible and invisible players

+Skeleton ESP - customizable colors for visible and invisible players
+Item ESP
-Configurable activation distance
-Item Name ESP
-Distance ESP
-Box ESP - 2D or 3D
10 item groups with independent color and visibility configuration

- Supports Amd/Intel
- Supports Origin/Steam
- Suppots Window/Full
- Supports Windows 10 1909-20H2
- EAC Undetected

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+Internal Spoofer Added
+Glow Player Esp Added
+Glow Item Esp Added
+Various Aimbot fixes have been made.
+This product will continue to be available every day.

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+ Added option to exclude own squad from ESP

+ Added Shield ESP (color-coded)

+ Added Squad coloring mode for Box ESP

+ Added Squad coloring mode for Skeleton ESP

+ Added vertical bar ESP options (left and right)

+ Added item tier info to Item Name ESP

+ Item ESP and Glow Hack: Added "Better only" option for Helmets

+ Item ESP and Glow Hack: Added "Better only" option for Armor

+ Item ESP and Glow Hack: Added "Better only" option for Shields

+ Item ESP and Glow Hack: Added "Better only" option for Backpacks

+ Item ESP and Glow Hack: Added "Better only" option for Attachments

+ Item ESP and Glow Hack: Added "Compatible only" option for Ammo

+ Player Name ESP will always ignore players from your squad


Welcome to first release in Season 9! PlayerAim Mega Apex Legends has been upgraded to v1.3. This update cycle has been dedicated to new ESP-related features. Biggest change is a brand new item filtering system. "Better only"/"Compatible only" options for several item groups will actively control state of your inventory and show you only those items you may need during the battle. This helps to reduce amount of information shown on screen, improve readability, help you to make important decision faster and most importantly all of this happens without forcing you to open menu during gameplay. Sounds cool, right?

But that's not all! There's also new option for Player and Skeleton ESP, called coloring mode. Squad coloring mode will assign random colors to every squad, so you can easily see who is against who. This is especially useful during later phases of the game. We also have Shield ESP now. It's color-coded according to armor tier:

  • white - no armor
  • grey - Tier 1
  • blue - Tier 2
  • purple - Tier 3
  • gold - Tier 4
  • red - Tier 5

Last but not least there are several quality of life improvements like vertical bars, ignoring own squad and some other minor changes. I hope you will enjoy this release. As announced earlier, next update cycle will be dedicated to aimbot :)

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