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Web development, software development and design service


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Website development, software and custom design

Technology stack:
  1. HTML, CSS (Less), Bootstrap4
  2. JavaScript (ES6), JQuery
  3. PHP, WordPress(ACF), SQL
  4. WebPack4
  5. React.js, Redux
  6. Figma, Photoshop

The services I provide:
  1. Development of landing pages, multi-page sites
  2. Refinement of existing sites
  3. Copy sites
  4. SPA Development (Single Page Applications)
  5. Parser development (PHP, C #)
  6. Writing various kinds of software in C #
  7. Landing layout on the CMS system
  8. And much more (ask in PM)

What you need to know before you start working with me:
  1. I always inform you about what stage your project is at.
  2. I have 4 years of web development experience.
  3. If you want to order the development of a website, software, but you do not have a design, then this is not a problem, I have a team of designers who can develop an excellent design for your future project.
  4. I do not disappear and can answer your questions almost at any time.
  5. I have a large number of reviews on other sites

    How to contact me?
    Telegram: @toxipain
    Or DM me on this forum

    If you want to see my portfolio and reviews, write to me in private messages
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