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This is a CSGO cheats with only legit aimbot . This cheats is quite hard to use.
This cheats bypass:
VAC (joke)
EAC (as 17/7/19)
Faceit server side AC (as 20/7/19)
ESEA (as 17/7/19)
5E ( Im not sure about this one )

How to use
1.download the file
2.extract so that the config and the exe is at the same folder
3.run csgo
4.run the exe.You should heard a *BEEP* sound when injecting.
5.go the the config folder and change the "Sensitivity" to your ingame sensitivity (me play 400 dpi with 3.25 ingame sens , so I write 3.25)
6.when in csgo game , press F7.
7. Press Ctrl + F3 to use the cheats.
8.hold shift to lock on enemies.



It was a fricking LAN cheats why there's a ss?



I get the file from the russian website instead of the original one because the russian one is easier to use.
Original from unknowncheats.com by asdf144.

Yes Yes rename it to word.exe and easy forsa - COUGH.

btw the fov change to a value 6-10 is the best.
If the aimbot is too smooth press lower arrow key.
If the aimbot is too snappy press upper arrow key.
If both the link don't work then click me

Q:I got VAC
A:Its a cheats for some times ago and I wont update it.VMProtect or Themida it.I just for hax sharing
Q:source plz
A: https://gitlab.com/exxx/hongkongpub again special thanks to asdf144.


I maybe upload a video someday to show how to use the LANCHEAT

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