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use at your own risk Unlock All | Latest Update | Rainbow 6


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First Program -> Unlock all Cheat for Offline Gameplay only

Second is a Save File -> Can use For online (Read Directions to do correctly)


This is a simple Unlock All for the recent patch of Rainbow 6 Siege (Shadow Legacy). There is NO BYPASS so don't ask for one.

Do NOT try to use this online for you will get banned. This is for offline gameplay only.

* Some things you could keep in mind when trying to use this *

- Remember to disable BattleEye. To disable it just add -belaunch be or /belaunch be to your game properties.
- Remember to use native build, Vulcan and TTS will not work.

Common Errors:
-1: VCRuntime140.dll, that would mean you don't have VC++ library installed, install it by googling.
-2: Automatically close, im not sure the cause of this crash, I will try research.
-3: If u have an old version and downloaded new unlock all version, replace with the old exe, and remove the old one config.

Things that will happen the program is Ran:
-1: That would mean program cant get process id of rainbow six siege, that can be caused if r6s is closed.
-2: The program cant handle rainbow six siege because of anticheat problem that block the handle.
-3: The program could not get base address from rainbow six siege, that can be caused if you ran the game with anticheat.

-5.0: Unlock all got enabled with success.
-5.1: Lock all got enabled with success.
-5.2: Normal all got enabled with success.



Just in case that wasn't for you, I will also give you the opportunity to Unlock All Elite skins for all the operators that you have in Siege. (All the Operators that can be Elite)

fyi: The difference between the one above is that It gives you every skin. Such as you will be able to change what skins you have on your gun. But for this one, you are unable to do so. You must keep all skins that are currently on the operator/ weapon for them to stick.

At the moment I have been using this for quite some time, and I recommend every person that sees this to use it. Cause this will most likely be patched soon.

This is fully UNDETECTED and you can use in on Terrorist Hunt or even Online.

How to set up: 
1. Download the Save.
2. Extract the Save, then locate the Save file for your R6. ( ProgramFiles(x86) > Ubisoft > Ubisoft Game Launcher > savegames > (holy shit a bunch of numbers. Just enter 1 of them) > Find 1843 and paste the ,"1.save". In there.
3. Once you do that, you need to locate the other save, which should be in another random number file. Just do the same thing you did with the other one. Then launch the game. 

WOW, your finished look at your damn skins ( All gun skins should be Diamond, If NOT, please leave a comment so I can fix it ASAP. Thank you! )



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