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undetected script AutoBot for CSGO by agrotuber

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made a cool script, I do not know whether to work at all, but I worked and is not so cool.
What does:
When there infa about the enemy on the radar, he turns to him and shoots him.
Script On/Off button - f8
Satelite and rate. About Krivoy do not judge strictly, I could, and tried.
Cons: it will not hover at the y coordinate, only at x and can not control the spread and recoil(as a reduction in recoil and scatter, I put a delay before the shot in 60 mlsk). So it all depends on how you put the sight on the y coordinate, and any weapons in his hands.
So to robelo, you need to target pre-target y-coordinate and enable the script.
Ban can only patrol, why, seen in the video

The archive is a script in two formats: .ahk and .exe
IMPORTANT: run CS:GO in WINDOWED or FULLSCREEN TO WINDOW mode, otherwise it won't work.

DOWNLOAD HACK: autobot_csgo.rar

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