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GTA V PC Online 1.46 Cheat - Kiddion's Modest External Menu

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Free working hack on GTA 5 Online, which You can download from our site. Often updated, invisible, and most importantly this hack has good functionality and a convenient menu.

Author: Kiddion

How to include?
Start the Online mode Grand Theft Auto V and wait for the moment when you enter the game world
Turn on the cheat as Administrator

Keyboard layout:
"F5" - enable the menu
"Numpad 5" - approval of options
"Numpad 0" - return
"Numpad 8" - function up
"Numpad 2" - function down
"Numpad 4" - decrease the value of this parameter
"Numpad 6" - increase the value of this parameter

DOWNLOAD HACK: hack_for_gta5_online.rar

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