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question lability is a scam

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reporting vacban + having a debate with vacban admin 'TLB3035' (that guy is a fucking god btw)


photo of him leaking a guys ip and shit.

Be careful where you register people not all "invite forums" are good

as you can see lability and proxied are just cashgrabs for owners to get ips and information to sell.

Couldn't find proper prefix sorry.

I uploaded this here because i see a lot of retards dropping these shitty invites just for their dog owners to get more information they also sent alot of people on different websites to put their shitty invites so they get more information.

Stay safe people.

EDIT: Arch is a owner of Proxied and Katze and he hate each other but in the end they still do the same shit.

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13 hours ago, Paul Libotean said:

Proxied.cc is a scam to .  Proxied.cc right now is renamed as fallacy.cc

Thats what i said.

People are still posting invites but i can see that admins don't give a single fuck that's why i posted this

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