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question whats the best non invite hvh cheats?

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ok a short guide ok were talking about non invite free and premium alright so for paid you looking for ot and aimware so aimware has more AA customization and has a bipolar retarded resolver sometimes hits p but disrespects min damage but has lua support. ot has java script support good aa respects min damage not bipolar resolver pretty good no bipolar with a good cfg you can out perform any cheat both can tap skeet but onetap easy on fps aimware its 1 second 130 fps now down to 40 fps then to 30 back up to 60 it just eats you fps so for paid i say onetap

now free your looking at otc which is the best free hvh cheat right now can tap can use otv2 cfg can tap skeet and the most famous free cheat but since its a free pasted cheat its gonna get tapped by everyone so dont expect to 1 tap all cheats it depends on their cfg

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