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How to not get overwatch ban by Sonsi :3

1- Create a random acc with no games and no historical in a generator. / use this https://accgen.cathook.club/ / save that acc (username and password) in a notepad or smth like that.
2- When you gonna casual to lvl up the acc just play the exact games you need to get lvl 2 and don't use hacks.
3- In the exact day you get the lvl 2 play comp (you can use whatever you want (hacks) lol) you just need to get the cooldown of winning comps in the same day you get the lvl 2 (if you get cooldown bcs of grifing this will not work).
4- Calculate exactly what day the cooldown gonna leave before doing the next step.
5- After you did the step 4 leave the acc (logout in steam)
6- When your cooldown leave get in that acc again and try to get the cooldown 
7- And repeat all this shit until you get silver,after you get silver leave that acc (logout in steam) and wait 3 days without getting in the acc. 
8- If you didn't got ban good job , now don't use hacks (you can use legit just don't be dumb lol).

Hope you liked 🙂
By Sonsi and Niko 

This method got tested at 27/04/2019

This method got tested before posted so if is not working its bcs of the csgo updates.
Remember this method don't works in 100% of the times , if you don't do exactly what this notepad says you gonna get overwatch ban.                                                                            If you got ban after like 1 day later of to all this process (get silver etc) is not my fault 


I recommend Interium to this shit. 

Interium link: https://cheater.fun/csgo_hacks_free/15-download-cheat-for-csgo-interium-wh-aim-skinchanger-triggerbot-esp.html

Interium best config link: https://corsair.wtf/topic/707-interium-best-legit-config-by-sonsi/



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