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undetected 420cheats paid free

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So 420cheats is an old cheat from like 2016 i think.. and they stopped updating the free cheat only the paid one was updating but because it was 4/20 they made the premium cheat free for one day and i dont really know if it works now but you can try it if you want like is better than osiris for sure (its a paid undetected cheat)

but one thing is that you need to run it from a usb idk but thats how it works.. is really good for legit ngl






edit: i just checked on their website and the online cheat is updated go download it or download this paid version before it get outdated

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9 minutes ago, Koox said:


you can create an account its free doesnt need invite

when i created my account there was no invite code go check

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7 minutes ago, raul2k0 said:

on vt is named wrong


really? ill do it again to see if it changes the name

edit: it changes the name

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1 minute ago, raul2k0 said:

idk is like two dif names i try it myself but the wrong name like the file c822st.exe and the other one on vt is jw1u5648x.exe


try it for yourself...

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