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Password (gta)


No responsibility is held or accepted for misuse.



To use it:

  • Start GTA5 and wait until the game has fully loaded
  • Start the mod
  • Read the disclaimer, and press OK
  • Default keys include:
    <F5> to show/hide the menu,
    <Numpad 0> to go back,
    <Numpad 8> and <Numpad 2> to navigate up/down through the menu options.
    <Numpad 4> and <Numpad 6> to decrease/increase the current value.
    <Numpad 5> to activate an option, toggle its value or applying any changed setting.

Use at your own risk!


Known issues:

  • Sometimes spawing a vehicle via Pegasus won't succeed. You'll get a refund instead. I'm still looking into this.
  • Using the online Repair Vehicle option may trigger an endless death-loop in the game. It's a bug in the game.
  • (v0.8.7) When using the "Disable Crash to SP" protection, the inventory menu sometimes isn't working anymore. Untoggle the protection to make it show up again.
  • (v0.8.7) For a lot of people Thermal Vision will trigger Night Vision instead, I'm working on a solution. I can confirm the ToggleThermalVision option using a key-binding will however work.
  • At the moment, vehicle handling acceleration only works for Rear Wheel Drive vehicles. This will be fixed in future versions.
  • (v0.8.6) MKII ammo get broken after using Max Ammo/Max All Ammo, Infinite Ammo/Clip. I'm working on an update that fixes this.
  • Anonymous vehicle spawing won't work when there's something in the way, e.g. an existing vehicle, npc or object. Reposition a bit or walk while keep trying.
  • Sometimes getting your personal vehicle won't work the first time. After that it should work fine.
  • Without an empty garage slot, you won't be able to use the "Personal Vehicle Spawning" method. Use Pegasus and/or Anonymous instead.
  • For most items with ranges in the mod (e.g. Weapon Range) you need to press the action-key (Numpad 5) to apply the change. I may choose to change this in the future.
  • Vehicle Godmode and gravity changes are gone once you enter a new vehicle. This is because these are a per-vehicle setting. The only time the "Godmode" bit is toggled for a vehicle, is when you actually press the godmode button. The only time gravity is changed is when you change it using the menu.
  • Vehicle settings like handling options are restored for the previous vehicle once you enter a new one. This is intentional, vehicle handling options apply to all vehicles in the game that have the same model so also the ones NPCs drive.
  • Weapon settings like range and damage are restored once you switch to a different weapon. This is intentional, these weapon options apply to all weapons in the game that have the same model so also the ones NPCs are using to shoot you...
  • Off Radar (online) is patched and will only work for one minute. Use Ghost Organization instead.
  • New kicks are easy to find, so the Force Kick protection will not always work on every type of kick.
  • "Spawn Anonymous" will spawn vehicles near the player if there's enough room. This method should support all vehicle types, including both types of Blimp, Snow vehicles and so
  • on. (This one will not work on the Army base.)
  • "Spawn Pegasus" will spawn vehicles through Pegasus, it is the simplest method and should support all vehicle types.
  • "Spawn Personal Vehicle" will spawn vehicles utilizing one empty slot in your garage. This won't spawn blacklisted vehicles, nor will it spawn Special Vehicles, planes or Helicopters.
  • However it will spawn them near and is probably the most stable method.



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