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Desync tutorial


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So in your createmove, or somewhere in your aa function that is called in createmove, you want to check if you are sending a packet (usually bSendPacket). If it is true, you do your real (just viewangles.yaw += base_angle,  or something like that). If you aren't sending a packet, then you do your fake. A good way to do this is viewangles.yaw += base_angle + get_max_delta * side. If you don't have a get max desync delta function, just google it lol. Seriously.


Anyway, doing it this way will not get you to desync while standing still I believe (or at least, not very much). There are a few ways we can fix this:

1) Micro movements

2) Breaking lby

I will talk about micromovements.

If you are standing still, you want to set your sidemove to a very low value (like 2.0f  - can be positive or negative, doesn't really matter)


here's an example:


cmd->viewangles.yaw += bSendPacket ? 0.f /*base angle*/ : get_max_delta() * side;

if (local_player.velocity().2d() == 0 || local_player.velocity().z == 0)

    cmd->sidemove = cmd->tick_count % 2 ? 2.f : -2.f; // alternates every other tick so we're not just walking, we're going left and right and generally not moving too far


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