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question Why when i Inject i cant see the menu?

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Some people just when Inject a cheat he cant see the menu of cheat, but why?
This probleme can be on Onetap crack or other cheats.
Lets use Corsair Inject and Onetap crack for example.
Corsair Inject is a Injector which give you the opportunity to Inject what cheat in any game what you want.
Onecrack is a cheat for CS:GO that is popular for hvh and legit.
Q: Why when i Inject nothing happen?
A: When you Inject you need this settings:

Multi-core proccesing/Multicore rendering enable. (you can search this on video settings)
To specify the startup parameters -disable_d3d9ex
If you have this settings and still you cant see the menu try this:

Uninstall CS:GO and reinstall

When CS:GO is ready go to specify the startup parameters  and write this -disable_d3d9ex

Then open CS:GO go to video settings and enable Multi-core proccesing/Multicore rendering enable.

If you have some question just send me in private 🙂

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