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undetected ORBIUM.XYZ - A better and more secure way of licensing your paid cheats

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- A better and more secure way of licensing


Greetings, my name is Raven and I'm the creator of a new licensing service called Orbium that I have been working on for quite some time and I have now decided to open it up for a very early alpha access.
I won't bore you with a ton of story of why I created this service so I'll keep it short:
I simply did not like any of the existing solutions such as auth.gg etc, they all have the same flaw and is built on the same idea and I wanted to create something different.

What is Orbium?

Orbium is a licensing service primarily focusing on pay 2 cheat providers, Orbium was built to be very flexible and can easily be expanded to suit customers needs.
Instead of hosting your cheats on a simple HTTP server or running a custom API to verify users accounts / subscription status you should instead use Orbium, it was designed to easily integrate with all forum software such as XenForo, Invision, MyBB and so on.
It also allows streaming of cheat files through sockets / streams so that you cheats are always secure no matter what.

How does Orbium work?

Orbium is like a all in one solution, in our dashboard you can create new projects, upload cheats to associated project, write news, connect various forums and select what user group should be able to login / use the cheats and so on.
Since Orbium is still in a very early stage a lot of things will change, we are also open to suggestions and are more than happy to develop your ideas!

What features does Orbium have?

  • A modern and easy to use dashboard.
  • Secure way of storing and downloading cheat DLLs.
  • SDKs for connecting your loader to Orbium invarious languages such as C#, C++, Javascript etc.
  • Connect your forum and groups to Orbium.
  • Write and publish news.
  • Manage your customers / users.
  • Create multiple projects.
  • 24/7 up-time with load balancing.
  • 24/7 support through Discord.
  • API in either TCP sockets or HTTP.
  • And much more to come.

Please note that not all features are yet available / active!

What does it cost?

The current price is 4.99€ for Corsair members only, though this price will be changed to 9.99€ when Orbium leaves the early alpha stage, this is also a ONE TIME payment.

How do I get started?

You can create an account on our website right now:

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 and purchase a license to get lifetime access, you can also join our

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to stay up to date with the latest development news!


- Orbium team

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