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[#1] Name: Alex

[#2] Age: 18

[#3] Short description about you: I am very chill and friendly, i can speak with anyone without any problems and i am respectful to anyone, excepting guys that really don't deserve to be respected. I enjoy playing games and i usually play basketball in real life. I like running and hanging out with friends, even tho there are times i really don't touch grass. I like cheating in games, i cheat since 2019 on CS:GO, but i didn't try cheating on any other game than that, actually i did, on GTA 5, but it was boring so i did leave it. I like climbing tall objects, like trees, poles, but i usually do it in a controlled space with safety measures, to prevent hurting myself. I usually play CS:GO, and L4D2 *left 4 dead 2* with my friends and we are really having fun. I enjoy memes, and i think i am a real Giga-Chad because of that. I enjoy VFX work, meaning that i make video editing, i usually make discord profile pictures then sell them for cheap. I did try programming but i didn't really enjoy it. I only enjoyed programming on like xenforo forums and things, with addons, and things like that.

[#4] Where are you from: Romania, Satu Mare city.

[#5] What experience do you have with cheats ?: I am cheating since 2019 and still continuing. I think it is pretty fun to destroy your opponents with cheats and it is hilarious to see them not being able to cope with the pain of losing against a cheater. I love the fact that it makes you better and usually you just get used to it, like you open CSGO and directly turn the cheat on too. I can say i tried even to develop one but i eventually failed because of my lack of knowledge in the programming area. I am kind of a begginer in that and as i said earlier, i am not really enjoying it, but i still have the basis in it.

[#6] What experience do you have as a support ?: I was a moderator on vacban, and i usually get ranks on some forums because of my reputation as a good member of the community. I moderate many discord servers and i think i am pretty used to it.

[#7] Do you have basic programming knowledge?: I do.

[#8] Why do you think you can help us if you get this rank ?: I think i can help you with support because i am very active and i have very much free time. 

[#9] What's your timezone?: UTC +3 

[#10] What's your discord? (ex: user#0001): Letoa#5283

[#11] Is there something else to tell us? (Optional): No.

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