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undetected osu!Megumi | Aim Assist, Timewarp, Replay Bot AND MUCH MORE!


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2 hours ago, yashkijai123 said:

I can confirm that it still works on 14th December 2021
Hotkey for menu is HOME 
But I won't recommend playing with it since it could be detected

When I inject it, it crashes osu! for me. What injector do you use? I really wanna play around with this on a private server.

Edited by GaryZ
clarifiying that i am NOT using it on Bancho.
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Game crashed!

Error: 0xc0000005
Address: 313.dll+0x89b01

EAX: 0x000000
ECX: 0x000000
EDX: 0x11e828f8
EBX: 0x131336d0
ESP: 0x98efd4
EBP: 0xffffffff
ESI: 0x131336d0
EDI: 0x000000

<couldn't collect stack trace>

Present this information to a developer using CTRL+C.



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