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     •  Reload Gun Faster (≈20%)

     Reloads your Gun Faster by Canceling the Animation after shooting
     (You will need to toggle it ON)

     •  Barrel Auto Collect

     Automatically Collects Loot from Barrels 
     (You need to have a Storage Crate in your hands and look directly at a Barrel)
     *Doesn't work on Barrels that are on top of each other

     •  Loot Sprint

     Allows you to Sprint with Loot in Hands

     •  Auto Bucket

     Automatically Collects Water into the Bucket and Throws it in your Preferred Direction 
     (You need to have an empty bucket in hands)

     •  Cannon Reload

     Automatically Reloads and Shoots from Cannons

     •  Sword Lunge

     Automatically Sword Lunges
     (You need to have a Sword {Cutlass} in your hands)

     •  Auto Digging

     Automatically Digs for You
     (You need to have a Shovel in your hands) 

     •  Freeze and Unfreeze the Game Anytime

Allows you to do 

Hidden Content

    Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.



     •  Auto Digging: Ctrl + G
     •  Reload Gun Faster: Ctrl + J  (Toggle ON/OFF)
     •  Barrel Auto Collect: Ctrl + F
     •  Loot Sprint: V
     •  Auto Bucket: Ctrl + H
     •  Cannon Reload: Ctrl + Right Mouse Button
     •  Sword Lunge: Ctrl + Alt + S
     •  Freeze and Unfreeze the Game Anytime: Ctrl + X
     •  Toggle On/Off: F12

Cost = 5$ for Lifetime

     •  If interested here's my Discord: KK12312#3742

Edited by KK12312
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1 hour ago, Snipeeeey said:

These fucking ahk scripts are stolen from unknowncheats... YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT THERE FOR FREE. Don‘t steal work from other people and sell it.

oh really? could you please link me the uc thread about these. Thanks

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