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version: 23/05/2021

status: undetected in valve secured server and most community servers.

except: use at your own rick in skial servers. 

I didn't really expect that there are guys still playing Team Fortress 2 on our site, 
so once again I decided to publish another free running cheat for Team Fortress 2 NudesWare from hacker MrVenomPL. This code is already quite long in the hacking industry and NudesWare users like this hack because of its simplicity and availability.

At first sight it may seem that this code is no different from other free hackers and, 
you know, you'll be right. There is nothing special about it, all features are standard and easily customizable, 
but this code works and is free, which is now very difficult to find on TF2. As I said, this software is loved 
for its simplicity and ease of configuration with a simple menu. The functions here are known to everyone, 
it's Aimbot improving shooting, ESP (Wallhack) to see enemies through textures on the map, TriggeBot function 
to automatically aim at the enemy's body and other functions that you can discover yourself downloading 
this code for free from our site.

based on the NacL project. 








additional features:

If you use the silant aimbot and if the ESP (box) is enabled, the box of the targeted player will be green. 

the backstab triggerbot sometimes fails and may not work every time. 



How to use:

1 - disable antivirus
2 - download cheat for the app
3 - start the game
4 - run the injector as administrator
5 - enter cheat
6 - click insert

normaly, the console in the game opens and the info about the cheat will be displayed (including "source NacL" with your nickname) 


Remove broken chatspam and sv_cheats 1 (not working)
Some corrections by waxxy (source author)

you can propose new features in comments, I will propose directly to the developer if it is possible to add. 

virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d953a94ce5db4f1f3d3aac7fcc17fd7febdaa68bfb19e10f7bc6a9c914d0ccd0/detection

NudesWareBeta 23-05-2021.zip

Edited by valve_rainbow_dash
some edit
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