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How would i make the code below visible only? also what bone id is neck/chest?


const float g_minFov = 1.5f; //3
const int g_boneId = 8;         //8 - head
const float g_smooth = 40;   //40

    if (!GetAsyncKeyState(VK_XBUTTON2)) return;

    const uint32_t clientState = *mem.Read<uint32_t>(mem.GetEngineBase() + dwClientState);
    Vector currentAng = *mem.Read<Vector>(clientState + dwClientState_ViewAngles);

    int index = -1;
    GetClosestEnt(currentAng, index, mem);

    if (index == -1)

    const Vector enemyHeadPos = g_playerList.at(index).BonePos(g_boneId, mem);
    const Vector delta = GetLocalEye() - enemyHeadPos;
    const Vector finalAng = CalculateAngle(delta);

    float deltaX = finalAng.x - currentAng.x;
    float deltaY = finalAng.y - currentAng.y;

    if (deltaX < -180.0f) deltaX += 360.0f;
    if (deltaX > 180.0f) deltaX -= 360.0f;

    if (deltaY < -180.0f) deltaY += 360.0f;
    if (deltaY > 180.0f) deltaY -= 360.0f;

    const float smoothX = deltaX / g_smooth;
    const float smoothY = deltaY / g_smooth;

    int loop = 0;
    while (loop < 10)
        (void)mem.Write<Vector>(clientState + dwClientState_ViewAngles, currentAng);


        currentAng.x += smoothX;
        currentAng.y += smoothY;


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46 minutes ago, xzasdSADDSADA said:

the aimbot locks on through walls, i want to make it only lock onto visible people

Use Ray Tracing

You can find it via EngineTraceClient004

Trace Interface:

abstract_class IEngineTrace
	// Returns the contents mask + entity at a particular world-space position
	virtual int		GetPointContents( const Vector &vecAbsPosition, IHandleEntity** ppEntity = NULL ) = 0;
	// Get the point contents, but only test the specific entity. This works
	// on static props and brush models.
	// If the entity isn't a static prop or a brush model, it returns CONTENTS_EMPTY and sets
	// bFailed to true if bFailed is non-null.
	virtual int		GetPointContents_Collideable( ICollideable *pCollide, const Vector &vecAbsPosition ) = 0;

	// Traces a ray against a particular entity
	virtual void	ClipRayToEntity( const Ray_t &ray, unsigned int fMask, IHandleEntity *pEnt, trace_t *pTrace ) = 0;

	// Traces a ray against a particular entity
	virtual void	ClipRayToCollideable( const Ray_t &ray, unsigned int fMask, ICollideable *pCollide, trace_t *pTrace ) = 0;

	// A version that simply accepts a ray (can work as a traceline or tracehull)
	virtual void	TraceRay( const Ray_t &ray, unsigned int fMask, ITraceFilter *pTraceFilter, trace_t *pTrace ) = 0;

	// A version that sets up the leaf and entity lists and allows you to pass those in for collision.
	virtual void	SetupLeafAndEntityListRay( const Ray_t &ray, CTraceListData &traceData ) = 0;
	virtual void    SetupLeafAndEntityListBox( const Vector &vecBoxMin, const Vector &vecBoxMax, CTraceListData &traceData ) = 0;
	virtual void	TraceRayAgainstLeafAndEntityList( const Ray_t &ray, CTraceListData &traceData, unsigned int fMask, ITraceFilter *pTraceFilter, trace_t *pTrace ) = 0;

	// A version that sweeps a collideable through the world
	// abs start + abs end represents the collision origins you want to sweep the collideable through
	// vecAngles represents the collision angles of the collideable during the sweep
	virtual void	SweepCollideable( ICollideable *pCollide, const Vector &vecAbsStart, const Vector &vecAbsEnd, 
		const QAngle &vecAngles, unsigned int fMask, ITraceFilter *pTraceFilter, trace_t *pTrace ) = 0;

	// Enumerates over all entities along a ray
	// If triggers == true, it enumerates all triggers along a ray
	virtual void	EnumerateEntities( const Ray_t &ray, bool triggers, IEntityEnumerator *pEnumerator ) = 0;

	// Same thing, but enumerate entitys within a box
	virtual void	EnumerateEntities( const Vector &vecAbsMins, const Vector &vecAbsMaxs, IEntityEnumerator *pEnumerator ) = 0;

	// Convert a handle entity to a collideable.  Useful inside enumer
	virtual ICollideable *GetCollideable( IHandleEntity *pEntity ) = 0;

	// HACKHACK: Temp for performance measurments
	virtual int GetStatByIndex( int index, bool bClear ) = 0;

	//finds brushes in an AABB, prone to some false positives
	virtual void GetBrushesInAABB( const Vector &vMins, const Vector &vMaxs, CUtlVector<int> *pOutput, int iContentsMask = 0xFFFFFFFF ) = 0;

	//Creates a CPhysCollide out of all displacements wholly or partially contained in the specified AABB
	virtual CPhysCollide* GetCollidableFromDisplacementsInAABB( const Vector& vMins, const Vector& vMaxs ) = 0;

	//retrieve brush planes and contents, returns true if data is being returned in the output pointers, false if the brush doesn't exist
	virtual bool GetBrushInfo( int iBrush, CUtlVector<Vector4D> *pPlanesOut, int *pContentsOut ) = 0;

	virtual bool PointOutsideWorld( const Vector &ptTest ) = 0; //Tests a point to see if it's outside any playable area

	// Walks bsp to find the leaf containing the specified point
	virtual int GetLeafContainingPoint( const Vector &ptTest ) = 0;


Ray struct:

struct Ray_t
	VectorAligned  m_Start;	// starting point, centered within the extents
	VectorAligned  m_Delta;	// direction + length of the ray
	VectorAligned  m_StartOffset;	// Add this to m_Start to get the actual ray start
	VectorAligned  m_Extents;	// Describes an axis aligned box extruded along a ray
	bool	m_IsRay;	// are the extents zero?
	bool	m_IsSwept;	// is delta != 0?

	void Init( Vector const& start, Vector const& end )
		Assert( &end );
		VectorSubtract( end, start, m_Delta );

		m_IsSwept = (m_Delta.LengthSqr() != 0);

		VectorClear( m_Extents );
		m_IsRay = true;

		// Offset m_Start to be in the center of the box...
		VectorClear( m_StartOffset );
		VectorCopy( start, m_Start );

	void Init( Vector const& start, Vector const& end, Vector const& mins, Vector const& maxs )
		Assert( &end );
		VectorSubtract( end, start, m_Delta );

		m_IsSwept = (m_Delta.LengthSqr() != 0);

		VectorSubtract( maxs, mins, m_Extents );
		m_Extents *= 0.5f;
		m_IsRay = (m_Extents.LengthSqr() < 1e-6);

		// Offset m_Start to be in the center of the box...
		VectorAdd( mins, maxs, m_StartOffset );
		m_StartOffset *= 0.5f;
		VectorAdd( start, m_StartOffset, m_Start );
		m_StartOffset *= -1.0f;

	// compute inverse delta
	Vector InvDelta() const
		Vector vecInvDelta;
		for ( int iAxis = 0; iAxis < 3; ++iAxis )
			if ( m_Delta[iAxis] != 0.0f )
				vecInvDelta[iAxis] = 1.0f / m_Delta[iAxis];
				vecInvDelta[iAxis] = FLT_MAX;
		return vecInvDelta;


BSP Flags:

#ifndef BSPFLAGS_H
#define BSPFLAGS_H

#ifdef _WIN32
#pragma once

// contents flags are seperate bits
// a given brush can contribute multiple content bits
// multiple brushes can be in a single leaf

// these definitions also need to be in q_shared.h!

// lower bits are stronger, and will eat weaker brushes completely
#define	CONTENTS_EMPTY			0		// No contents

#define	CONTENTS_SOLID			0x1		// an eye is never valid in a solid
#define	CONTENTS_WINDOW			0x2		// translucent, but not watery (glass)
#define	CONTENTS_AUX			0x4
#define	CONTENTS_GRATE			0x8		// alpha-tested "grate" textures.  Bullets/sight pass through, but solids don't
#define	CONTENTS_SLIME			0x10
#define	CONTENTS_WATER			0x20
#define	CONTENTS_BLOCKLOS		0x40	// block AI line of sight
#define CONTENTS_OPAQUE			0x80	// things that cannot be seen through (may be non-solid though)


#define CONTENTS_UNUSED			0x200	

// unused 
// NOTE: If it's visible, grab from the top + update LAST_VISIBLE_CONTENTS
// if not visible, then grab from the bottom.
#define CONTENTS_UNUSED6		0x400

#define CONTENTS_TEAM1			0x800	// per team contents used to differentiate collisions 
#define CONTENTS_TEAM2			0x1000	// between players and objects on different teams

// ignore CONTENTS_OPAQUE on surfaces that have SURF_NODRAW

// hits entities which are MOVETYPE_PUSH (doors, plats, etc.)
#define CONTENTS_MOVEABLE		0x4000

// remaining contents are non-visible, and don't eat brushes

#define	CONTENTS_PLAYERCLIP		0x10000

// currents can be added to any other contents, and may be mixed
#define	CONTENTS_CURRENT_0		0x40000
#define	CONTENTS_CURRENT_90		0x80000
#define	CONTENTS_CURRENT_180	0x100000
#define	CONTENTS_CURRENT_270	0x200000
#define	CONTENTS_CURRENT_UP		0x400000
#define	CONTENTS_CURRENT_DOWN	0x800000

#define	CONTENTS_ORIGIN			0x1000000	// removed before bsping an entity

#define	CONTENTS_MONSTER		0x2000000	// should never be on a brush, only in game
#define	CONTENTS_DEBRIS			0x4000000
#define	CONTENTS_DETAIL			0x8000000	// brushes to be added after vis leafs
#define	CONTENTS_TRANSLUCENT	0x10000000	// auto set if any surface has trans
#define	CONTENTS_LADDER			0x20000000
#define CONTENTS_HITBOX			0x40000000	// use accurate hitboxes on trace

// NOTE: These are stored in a short in the engine now.  Don't use more than 16 bits
#define	SURF_LIGHT		0x0001		// value will hold the light strength
#define	SURF_SKY2D		0x0002		// don't draw, indicates we should skylight + draw 2d sky but not draw the 3D skybox
#define	SURF_SKY		0x0004		// don't draw, but add to skybox
#define	SURF_WARP		0x0008		// turbulent water warp
#define	SURF_TRANS		0x0010
#define SURF_NOPORTAL	0x0020	// the surface can not have a portal placed on it
#define	SURF_TRIGGER	0x0040	// FIXME: This is an xbox hack to work around elimination of trigger surfaces, which breaks occluders
#define	SURF_NODRAW		0x0080	// don't bother referencing the texture

#define	SURF_HINT		0x0100	// make a primary bsp splitter

#define	SURF_SKIP		0x0200	// completely ignore, allowing non-closed brushes
#define SURF_NOLIGHT	0x0400	// Don't calculate light
#define SURF_BUMPLIGHT	0x0800	// calculate three lightmaps for the surface for bumpmapping
#define SURF_NOSHADOWS	0x1000	// Don't receive shadows
#define SURF_NODECALS	0x2000	// Don't receive decals
#define SURF_NOCHOP		0x4000	// Don't subdivide patches on this surface 
#define SURF_HITBOX		0x8000	// surface is part of a hitbox

// -----------------------------------------------------
// spatial content masks - used for spatial queries (traceline,etc.)
// -----------------------------------------------------
#define	MASK_ALL					(0xFFFFFFFF)
// everything that is normally solid
// everything that blocks player movement
// blocks npc movement
// water physics in these contents
// everything that blocks lighting
// everything that blocks lighting, but with monsters added.
// everything that blocks line of sight for AI
// everything that blocks line of sight for AI plus NPCs
// everything that blocks line of sight for players
// everything that blocks line of sight for players, but with monsters added.
// bullets see these as solid
// non-raycasted weapons see this as solid (includes grates)
// hits solids (not grates) and passes through everything else
// everything normally solid, except monsters (world+brush only)
// everything normally solid for player movement, except monsters (world+brush only)
// everything normally solid for npc movement, except monsters (world+brush only)
// just the world, used for route rebuilding
// These are things that can split areaportals

// UNDONE: This is untested, any moving water

// everything that blocks corpse movement
// UNDONE: Not used yet / may be deleted

#endif // BSPFLAGS_H


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