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ūüíꬆ¬†SLIM CHEAT¬†¬†By A24

This cheat is very simple to use, and is honestly I think a rip-off of another cheat. "I think"


Features And More

Aim Bot - Automatically aim at enemy

Aim Key - Only automatically aim if you hold down the assigned key

Aim Fov - Only aim at targets within a specified fov

Priority - Who to aim at (Closest to your crosshair, most health, least distance, etc.)

Target Lock - Don't change target when already locked on to one

Aim Position - Select prefered body part

Aim Method - Choose aimbot's method (silent, silent+, smooth, assistance)

Smooth Aimbot Value - Preferred smooth aimbot value for improved legit gameplay.

Smooth Aimbot Type - Smooth aimbot acceleration method (Slow End, Constant, Fast End, Default)

Target Switch Delay - Delay before looking for a new target

First Shot Delay - Delay before shooting the first shot

Auto Shoot - Automatically shoot when active

Projectile Aimbot - Aim with projectile weapons with time and gravity prediction

Legit Projectile Aimbot - Draws predicted target position

Melee Aimbot - Automatically attack enemies with your melee weapon

Medigun Aimbot - Automatically aim with the medigun to heal your teammates

Medigun Uber - Automatically pop uber in dangerous situations

Spread: Max distance - Ignore any target outside set distance with spread weapons

Aim When Reloading - Aim while reloading

Minigun Spinup - Continues spinning minigun if aim key is being held

Crit Hack - Decide when you want your weapon to fire critical hit

Crit key - Force crit when you hold the key

Melee Crits - Almost always melee crit

Aim Sentry - Aim at sentries

Aim Other Buildings - Aim at dispensers and teleporters

Aim Stickies - Aim at stickies to destroy them

Aim Sentry Buster - Aim at sentry buster in MvM

Aim NPC - Aim at NPCs like merasmus, horsemann etc..

Ignore steam Friends - Ignore steam friends

Ignore Deadringer - Ignore deadringered spies

Ignore Cloaked - Ignore cloaked spies

Ignore Disguised - Ignore disguised spies

Ignore Taunting - Ignore taunting players

Ignore Vacc Ubercharge - Ignore players with vaccinator ubercharge

Ignore Teammates - Do not use weapons with friendly effect on teammates (crossbow etc.)

Prefer Medics - Rather shoot at medics than at other classes

Sniper: Zoomed Only - Only shoot when you are scoping

Sniper: Auto Zoom - Automatically zoom before shooting

Wait For Charge - Wait for enough charge to one hit kill (Also for ambassador spy)

BackTrack - Aim at past target position

No Spread - Disable weapon inaccuracy

No Recoil - Disable weapon knockback

Virus Total Very Safe




Edited by A24
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  • Solution
Posted (edited)

Too many features to list.

So I just said what he Aimbot has.

Edited by Fizzy
Don't put big letters.
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