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CS:GO UD/ Faceit integration?

Paid program

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Hello, there! I wanted to create a new project/journey for all people that are interested in it aswell! I am looking to build a CS:GO Program with excellent protection, and undetection! However this is not going to be an easy event as my main goal would be to integrate it into faceit(client and server-side secure) in this post i will be going over as to why i am doing this, how i am going to do this. And how much it's going to cost?

Paragraph: 1.1

One of the first things i have to pay attention to is quality, security, and loyalty. That is why i am looking for around 20-35 Pre-Acces "investors" to make this project actually going! The program itself will be written in c++ and the loader will be written in c#, some may ask, what kind of hooking is reliable for Faceit? What kind of detouring are you going to use? What about vectors? And how is injection going to work?
Glad you asked! What kind of hooking is reliable? Well i was looking into PG-hooking or Forced-Exception hooking. Both are completely undetected and are way to overkill for the system to over recognize if used correctly, this is where the detouring, vectors and injection method is going to come in play. I will be using a usermode driver in ring-0 outside of the users OS. Since the client-sided pc only checks the OS it runs on, it does have environment-checks to ensure it is not being spoofed or "blocked in another room", vectors are really important and this is where most of the "pasters" and "low-skilled" programmers fail, as they have no idea if the vectors are detected, if they are useable. And some don't even know what it is! The detouring part has to be figured out by me, (IAT detouring does not work anymore)
Paragraph: 1.2

You may ask yourself, well what does this all mean? What is your plan? My plan is to release a version of the program for testing in the normal version of cs:go, after a good testing period and no bans! We will be able to start testing in the Faceit environment however this will be challenging and an achievement if we together can release a program for a lot cheaper than most of the other competitors. That is why my plan is the get 20-35 users max in the first phase of the program, you may also ask yourself, well what is it going to cost and what is going to be done with the funds? This project is not for the funds, driver certs, other licenses and some maintenance like the forum and other stuff have to be paid and setup correctly, so all the funds being earned will go straight into the project itself. How much am i going to charge? I set the base price to 10 euro for each user, again that should be enough to cover all costs. And get everything well funded and ready! What do you get as a Pre-Acces user? You will be given all information and progress on the program, on release you will have special privileges to use the program for as long as you would like! And ofcourse all users get acces to the normal version to test it before going on a public release.

Paragraph: 1.3

As i mentioned before this is also about trust and loyalty, that will be rewarded to users that show it! I am really eager to make this a worthy project, and use my knowledge to provide a program that everyone can use for a price that is identical to normal cs:go programs, however ofcourse for limited users. I hope i can pull this off, get the necessary users and actually release something good for the public! Please do let me know any feedback, questions or unclarity's you might have about this project!


To make sure everyone is correctly notified here will be stated what payment methods are accepted as of right now

Again coming back to the questions part, if you do have any! Please do let me know below.

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