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tut Compiling Source Code

Source code

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Hello and welcome to the Intro of Pasting world.

I have noticed that many people just don't like using Google on how to compile stuff, so we have decided to make a little guide how to compile cheats!

1) Visual Studio
You will need to Install Visual Studio -

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For the sake of this Guide, we will use Visual Studio 19
You will be welcomed with this screen: (Visual Studio Installer)
Here, you will have to Select what you want to have Installed - We mainly need C++ (Internal Cheats) or C# (External Cheats)
So you need to click on "Desktop development with C++" and/or ".NET desktop development"
(We will be mainly covering C++ part in this guide)
With that, we will need few more things from the tab on right - Desktop development with C++
We will be mainly needing Building Tools and Windows 10 SDK

1.1) Building Tools:
Building Tools may be different on every project, but you will be mainly greeted with v142 (The latest for now)
Rarely - Mainly on Older Sources you may be greeted with v141 (VS17) and v140 (VS15)
So we recommend installing v142 (That one should be selected automatically) and v141 - This is optional, but I recommend it since you are installing it right now

1.2) Windows 10 SDK:
This is extremely important SDK (Software Development Kit) makes our cheat and the compilation go smooth, so we would recommend getting every SDK that is in

So now, our Installation of "Optional Addons" should look something like this:

2) Next Steps
Congratulations! Now that you have downloaded VS19 and all you need, you will need to understand few things!
We will cover it in few parts, now open the source you have downloaded and you wanna work on - open x.sln file (solution)
Now you will be greeted with Blank screen of Visual Studio:
First thing you want to do is to change "Configuration" - you can see it on top bar (on img above) saying: Debug x64

2.1) Configuration:
You can skip this part if you already know what this means, It's for people that want to understand what exactly this is
It's very easy to understand:
Debug is for us to find out where the problem is (if I will see many threads asking about debugging I will make one dedicated to that)
Release is working output and ready to be released - this is not for debugging, it's pure Release, you won't be able to attach this to running process and find out where the problem is
x64 is for 64bit applications - CSGO is 86bit, so we wont use it for CSGO
x86 - 86bit applications, so newer games will most likely be 86bit
- We can also customize those Cofigurations, this is not important and I won't be covering that, but I will notice it for those "def not pasted cheat providers" to look more cool!

2.2) Properities of the project:
Now, we need to make sure all of our Settings are right!
Getting to the properities is easy, on the very top we can see Navigation: Project > Properities
You will be greeted with a little window with many options, I will show you what is the most important for you:

2.21) General Properities:
This tab will sum the settings for our project:
- Output directory: In my Project, we can see that this directory is: $(SolutionDir)output\release\ 
> So our .dll will be in our folder (I will call it cuttysense): cuttysense\output\release\cuttysense.dll
NOTE: Directories should ALWAYS end with "\", this will make a little error that's totally useless and doesn't effect the project at all, but it's just useless error that many people do.
- Target name: .dll name - we can see my Project has $(ProjectName) in the name (this means that my project names "cuttysense" will be the name of the .dll we will compile), you can always edit that to whatever you want, it's basically just the name of the .dll
- Windows SDK Version: Earlier Installed SDK Versions, don't change that one
- Platform Toolset: Building tools that we have installed before, see the above part about Building Tools to understand more

2.22) VC++ Directories:
This tab is the most Critical one and we want to make sure that EVERYTHING is set right here:
- Include Directories: This is for Including other things into the project, including DirectX.
NOTE: error d3dx9.h was not found. is error that is from this exact thing. Sometimes people are forced to use their DX directory manually, so that will make errors, if your DX is located on 😄 and their is on E:
> To fix this error, you will need to manually find where your DX is OR you can use code showed in the img: $(DXSDK_DIR)Include;$(IncludePath) - this will automatically find where your DX is, but sometimes it does not work!
- Library Directories: Same as "Include Directories" but with Libraries.
> This is the same exact one as before, you can fix the issue with including the same thing like in the img: $(DXSDK_DIR)Lib\x86;$(LibraryPath) - pay attention to the x86 part, this depends on your configuration of your project, as I am using 86bit I will keep it x86. BUT if you are using x64 EDIT the x86 part: $(DXSDK_DIR)Lib\x64;$(LibraryPath)


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if you are having issue with d3dx9.h and other here is the sdk for it and just apply what the tutorial ask you to do.
if you are still struggling to add the sdk with the .rar method here is how :

download the dx3d9 sdk : 

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unzip the .rar file and put the sdk where you want ( I recommend you putting them in your visual studio folder ) 

after you have done that just repeat the explanation made by @RussianAirplane above and it should be done.
I hope I don't have to precise that you have to put the include to the include shit and lib in the lib shit hu ? 
( if doesn't work try removing old directories from the old guy who compiled the project and try again )

 example : 


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