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use at your own risk PUBG Lite Free Hacks LITEJY - Aimbot, ESP, [autoupdate topic]

PUBG Hacks

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The best cheat for PUBG Lite.

Developer: cheat8

Version: V1.3.20210118

Status: use at your own risk



[ VT ]


1) The game must be in "windowed" mode or in "borderless" mode.
2) Run the cheat as an Administrator in the lobby.

cheat hotkeys:
[delete] - english language | change the cheat language to the delete key.
open the cheat menu on the - [insert] button

Show Box [F1] - Show\Hide the rectangle around the opponent.
Show Bone [F2] - Show\Hide the enemy's skeleton.
Show Text [F3] - Show\Hide the name, health, distance.
Magic bullet [F4] - hit bullets in the enemy even if the sight is not aimed at him.
Circle control [← → Control Fov].
Flaycar [F5] - to fly a car.Current flycar speed - the flight speed of the car.
Up Down Key control flycar speed-use the up and down arrows to change the maximum speed of the pallet machine.QE Key control flycar altitude-on the "Q" key, the car flies up, on the "E" key, the car goes down.
highjump [F6] - jump high.Current highjump altitude - how high to jump.
PAGEUP / DOWN key control highjump altitude-use the "Page Up" and "Page Down" buttons to change how high the user can jump.
Acceleration [F7] - classic speedhack, hold down "Shift" and the character runs faster than the windcurrent Acceleration-speedhack speed.
HOME/END control Acceleration-change the maximum speed of the speedhack to the "Home" and "End" buttons.
No recoil [F8] - the weapon has no recoil.
Bullet Burst [F9] - the weapon fires 5-10 rounds at once.
super fire speed [f10] - super fast shooting, all ammo at once.
aimbot [Ctrl+1] - enable / disable aimbot (homing weapons at the enemy when shooting through the right mouse button).
Draw FOV [Ctrl+2] - displays the white circle of the aimbot around the scope.
Draw items [Ctrl+3] - displays the names of items on the ground.
Draw weapons [Ctrl+4] - displays the names of weapons on the ground.
Draw cars [Ctrl+5] - displays the names of cars.
Draw armors [Ctral+6] - displays the name of the chest armor.
Draw medical [Ctrl+7] - display the names of first aid kits, bolikov, etc.
Draw bullet [Ctral+8] - display the name of the cartridge on the ground
Draw sight [Ctrl+9] - displays the name of the sights
No breath [Ctrl+0] - infinite breath delay.

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