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Section rules "Cheats for CS:GO"

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1. To have a personal opinion about Chita. If you have ever used the services of a particular seller, but you have a negative impression - report it in the subject of the seller in a "beautiful" form. And even better-to talk to the seller in PM.
2. Write positive reviews. Nobody forbids you to Express sincere gratitude to the Creator of the software, if you really liked it.
3. Remove a particular seller to clean water. If you have some evidence that the seller is involved in something-in the section "Complaints".

1. Write clear accusations that the cheat spreads viruses or any other malware, but it does not have evidence. [Ban = 7 days]
2. Fundamental to write negative reviews about Chita, in order to morally suppress the seller, its cheat and the start of the topic. [The Status Of "Read Only"]
3. Create individual themes that will lead to the fact that some of the cheats is bad or spreads viruses, without proofs your theme is nothing, and you-in the bath. [Ban = 7 days]
4. In the subject, which has the status of "Important" (fixing), it is prohibited to make hidden advertising other cheats. You can only write reviews (positive & "beautiful-negative"), and ask questions to the seller. For comparison cheats, create a topic in this section. [The Status Of "Read Only"]


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