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question How to not get tapped every single time?

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Im a new cheater and i've used both OTCv2 and v3, they work nicely for semirage but my HVH sucks bad, watched a bunch of tutorials but every single config i try i end up getting tapped and go negative in HVH while i see other OTC users doing just fine. i use slowwalk while peeking, i like to play a bit more defensively and peak occasionally, what am i missing out? is there a good guide on how to get good or am i just that bad?

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if u dont care about ur real life just sit and play for hours and hours until u become a hvh master  ( if u wannabe legend buy good cheat.) also if u want privet cheat make friends on discord or .... and hang out with them

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Its not just about the config, A good config can help you avoid misses but they cant turn you into a hvh god. If you want advice just play and you will get a good playstyle. Also, make your own config on your own, play with the settings a bit, thanks me later.

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4 hours ago, zortos293 said:

config is never a issue most of the times. how you play is the problem the most of the times.

i'm quite aware but how do i make my playstyle match my config? are there are specific options i need to have on and off to play more defensively? 

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On 10/4/2020 at 5:42 PM, zortos293 said:

config is never a issue most of the times. how you play is the problem the most of the times.

i disagree, if you make 0hitchance, 0min dmg on Skeet, you basically are fucked lmao, CFG matters.


18 minutes ago, Fizzy said:

adapt your playstyle, or just buy a cheat like rifk or evolve. ez

never buy private cheats, you will most likely get banned, wait until you get invited.

as both of these people said, i agree with the playstyle, if you dont know how to play, what to do in some situations, you are fucked boii. I think watching few ytbrs may help you getting the idea how to play, I will list you few people here I personally like:
Edwardfly (cute admin)
ME uwu

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