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use at your own risk Only look here if you're new to legit cheating!

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So. You're new to cheating and you want to legit cheat?

I've got some stuff for you.


Alright so we'll begin with the weapon configurations:

Pistols: Generally you want 200 ms triggerbot, and 3 FOV with 7 or higher smoothing.

Rifles: 170 ms triggerbot, 3.5 FOV and at  least 50 smooth, if your smooth only goes to 20, use that.

Shotguns: I dont play with those :).

Light Machine Guns: Don't use them.

Snipers: 160 ms triggerbot, very low FOV, like 1 or 1.5 FOV, and like 10 smooth.



Chams: visible only.

Viewmodel: Whatever you want.

FOV: Don't mess with that, keep it on 90.

OOF Arrows: Leave those off.

Bomb timer: Sure, use that, it's really useful.

HP: You can turn it on or off, your choice.

Weapon esp: I wouldn't recommend it but it's usefull if you dont know who is sniping and not.

Bones: Don't use those.

Radar: If your cheat has it, turn it on.



BHOP: don't use it unless you have a special thingy for how many perfect bhops you can have and the % of perfect jumps you're gonna get.

Auto-accept: Enable it.

Skinchanger: Optional.

Rank Changer: Leave it off, it really serves no purpose,

Rank Reveal: Turn it on if you think someone's cheating so you will see their rank.


I hope this was usefull for you. Please leave a rating and a comment of what you think of this guide. Thank you and stay undetected!

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