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skeet gamesense.pub / skeet.cc invite.


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gamesense invites expire after a few days. and you need to be registered on the site for 6 months with invite bans, or bans yourself and you need to have an active to receive invites.


do you have another invite? whats your uid range? being that youre selling an invite you more than likely wont be getting any invites in invite waves. whats your reputation on the site?


lol theres definitely questions that need to be asked and answered when simply saying:

Selling gamesense.pub invite .

if you are intrested join this server and dm delamura#0001 

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On 9/7/2020 at 3:28 AM, RussianAirplane said:

I would love to say, if you are selling invs you will most likely get banned, same with who buys the inv

well, for one, skeet invites expire after a few days of not being used. he needs to be registered for 6 months before he can request an invite. he also needs to have a spotless record on the site (example: no invites to users who have been banned, no bans yourself, no drastic ip and hwid changes etc) and if this is an invite from a recent invite wave - which is unlikely as esoterik doesnt like doing these often and you guys probably wouldve heard about an invite wave - and he also needs an active sub.


estk himself already said he plans on making skeet public hopefully soon. so just wait. its better in the long run.

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