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Fall Guys Internal Cheat


Usage :

- Start steam and fall guys

- Inject cheat to fallguys_client.exe

- Press INSERT to open cheat menu

- Do not close console window!



HOME » Hide Corner Text
DELETE » Panic Key (instantly closes game)
END » Unhook Cheat (disable cheat, keep game alive)
Disable Safe Cheat Values



F5 » Real Doors (Door Rush)
F6 » Real Path (Tip Toe)
F7 » Non-Jinxed Players
F8 » All Platforms Visible (Fall Match / Fruits Match)
F9 » Player with Tail (Final)


F1 » Fly Mode:
Flying Speed

F2 » Speed Hack:
Movement Speed (Default: 9.5)
Movement Speed when Carrying Item (Default: 😎
Movement Speed when Grabbing (Default: 5)

F3 » Dive Boost:
Normal Dive Boost (Default: 16.5)
Air Dive Boost (Default: 7)

F4 » Gravitation:
Gravity Scale (Default: 1.5)



Disable Stuns/Knockdowns
Disable Object Collisions
Disable Player to Player Collisions
Disable Falling Down



F10 » Item Drop Force:

Normal Item Drop (Default: 50)
Dive Item Drop (Default: 90)

F11 » Equal Tussle Chances When Grabbed



F12 » Super Grab Feature
Grab Detect Radius (Default: 6)
Grab Check Distance (Default: 2)
Grab Max Force (Default: 0.6)
Grab Break Time:

Normal Time (Default: 1.2)
Jump Time (Default: 0.01)

Arm Length (Default: 1)
Grab Check Prediction Base (Default: 0.1)
Grab Immediate Velocity Reduction (Default: 0.5)
Grab Cooldown (Default: 0.5)
Regrab Delay (Default: 2)
Release Regrab Cooldown (Default: 1)
Break Grab Angle (Default: 75)
Grab Separation Force (Default: 7)
Grabber Velocity (Default: 0.1)


Download Fall Guys Internal 8.25.2020.zip


Coder : Apin

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So far everything seems to work except for some of  the Collisions tab options like P2P Collisions and Objects Collisions, I mean atleast not on the way most people might think they will  🙂 great job!


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3 hours ago, btltejakovoli said:

is the cheat sill working because they just added easy anti cheat

I would not use it wait untill the New Update of the Cheat

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