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Found 11 results

  1. ETERNAL It is a private fortnite cheat, it uses private methods to BE UNDETECTED & SAFE Status: Undetected on BattleEye and EasyAntiCheat. Feature List: - Aimbot - Configurable for every weapon type - Aim FOV - Aim Speed - Customizable aim points. you can select multiple. - Max distance - Triggerbot - Configurable for every weapon type - Delay (0-100ms) - Visuals - Player ESP - Configs - Stream Mode (Hides visuals and menu from being displayed from Recording tools and screenshots) - Clean menu. Support: * Windows 7-11 * Intel & AMD both supported. UI: https://streamable.com/xi9fdf https://discord.gg/rVVRGuS7cu xls#0137 | not vroom#3713
  2. Private Tournament Valorant Cheat Requirements Interview stage pass, Win 10\11 x64,a AMD AND INTEL. Slot count: 2\10 Features & price's [SPOILER] Aimbot Bind key Bone Target Distance FOV Smooth Visible check Aim at mates Recoil Control System Bind key Smooth Delay ESP Bind key BOX Modes Skeleton Snaplines Health Misc HWID Mask Changer Config's External Radar Price 200 - Monthly [Unique build\loader] (Can be generated each 24 hours) 150 - Regular Loader Video [SPOILER] https://streamable.com/i6nds5 We cant guarantee that you will be accepted to buy our software, so, please be patience and friendly. Got questions? Have offers? Want to purchase? Add discord: dawn#1245 or Telegram: @ilydawn https://i.imgur.com/4w2DIwF.png https://i.imgur.com/b09VQW6.png https://imgur.com/hB5VCme
  3. AnaldanValo Cheat Undetected since September 2021 AnaldanValo Cheat removes many limits in the game with the features it offers. You can play like a professional player and easily reach the highest ranks with AnaldanValo. AnaldanValo Cheat does not get caught on the system ban. If your computer is banned by Vanguard, you can remove your ban with the built-in spoofer feature at no extra cost. Also you can reach high ranks and sell your accounts. In addition, AnaldanValo completely hides itself in broadcast or video recordings, so you can broadcast and shoot videos via OBS software. Features General • Internal The cheat directly accesses the game's memory. So you will get much better performance from the cheat. • Anti-Screenshot Vanguard secretly takes screenshots from your computer. However, AnaldanValo does not appear in any screenshots taken by Vanguard. • Automatic Update When any update comes to the game, you can get the updates automatically without having to download the cheat again and install it. • Professional Interface Its minimal design does not tire your eyes. You can also make fine adjustments when you click and hold CTRL while making any cheat settings. The RGB color panel allows you to adjust the ESP colors to your desired hue. You can activate/deactivate important features by using hotkeys without opening the interface in the game. • Save Settings Your settings are saved automatically, so you don't have to make adjustments again and again each time you login the game. • Hardware Friendly AnaldanValo does not cause FPS drops or ping spikes. So it doesn't consume extra power on your system so it doesn't affect your gaming experience. Spoofer • Spoofer If you've had a hardware ban before. So if the game has banned you by logging a hardware information on your computer, this is no longer a problem. You can get rid of the system ban with AnaldanValo at no extra cost. Aimbot • Aimbot Your aim automatically focuses on targets. • Mode Auto= Aimbot is automatically locked to the target. Hotkey=Aimbot is locked to the target only while holding down the shortcut key you have specified. • Target Bone Head Neck Body Random with the options you can choose which area of the aimbot to shoot at your enemy. • Target Selector Enemy closest to position Enemy closest to aim Enemy which have the lowest hp with these options, you can choose which area of the enemy the aimbot will focus on. • Aim Smooth It is the sensitivity setting of the aimbot. With this setting, you can adjust the speed of aimbot aiming your sight at the enemy. • Aim FOV It draws a circle in the center of your screen and allows the aimbot to focus only on enemy that fall within that circle. • Trigger Bot Automatically shoots whenever your crosshair is over an enemy. You can customize your TriggerBot settings by clicking the Advanced Settings button. • Recoil Control It makes your mouse go down when shooting at the enemy so your weapon hardly recoils. Visual • Team ESP Enables ESP (position, skeleton, health, distance and nick) for your teammates. • Enemy ESP Activates ESP (position, skeleton, health, distance and nick) for the enemy. • Draw Box It draws a frame around the characters so you can see where they are from behind the wall. • Draw Line It draws straight lines between the characters and you, and the length of the lines changes depending on whether you approach or move away. • Draw Skeleton It makes the skeletons of the characters visible. • Draw Health Shows the health values of the characters. • Draw Distance It shows the distance between you and the characters numerically. • Draw Name Shows the nicknames of all players above their character. • Draw Fov Makes the circle in aimbot fov visible. • OBS Stream Proof AnaldanValo will not appear in any way in the broadcasts and videos you make over the OBS software. • Draw Only Visible Activates ESP features only when the enemy is in your field of view. * NEW * Misc • InstaLock It automatically selects the character you want on the character selection screen. • Draw Utilities It will draw the names of the objects like sova drone, chamber trap, killjoy turret etc. • Weapon Informer It will show character current weapon name and ammo. • No Smoke Disables the smokes in the game. • Spike Informer It will show explosion time, defusing time, defuser. • No Flash Disables the flashes in the game. • Bunny Hop It makes your character move by bunny hop. * NEW * Skin Changer • Weapon You can choose the type of weapon you want to change the skin of. • Skin You can choose the skin. • Chroma You can change the chroma of the skin you have selected. • Buddy You can add buddy to your weapon. Menu Video PRICE Payment Method Invite System and Abuse Discord (Contact the moderators on Discord to get an invite code) STORE
  4. So its nospread its good but u have to know how to play with itGucioNoSpread.cfg + Winrar free premium. Basiclly how it works that its making u premium version. u need only 1 file and u have to drop it to winrar folder for example: D:\Winrar u open that and droping this file rarreg.zip Virustotal for rarregkey: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8e20d1128fd7c456b7436b57d9bbb318b03be062da8d4661042b7cd99023edd1/detection Edit: Give me plus on my profile to make more things 😄 like this and dont forget to FOLLOW ME
  5. hey guys I wanna public a paid cfg for otc or onetap Crack I hope you enjoy the configs :) <<( In Tab Rage Select Active Wapens For Wapens Min Damage - exmple = you have auto , select Active Wapens = Auto Sniper OK ? there is 2 cfg scout and auto - don't forget active wapens ! auto.cfg scout.zip
  6. p autu unitable aa ahah.zipnew aa 🙂 good luck p aa create by gix 🙂 good cfg like :"_)
  7. LEGIT WALLHACK/MOUSE4 TRIGGERBOT RANGE/ KiLL aLL I use this all time ❤️ noni1337.cfg range.zip
  8. This is my own Legit Osiris cfg that im using Enjoy Legit
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To join all u need to do is: Winner will be picked on 1 january. - Like that topic. -Comment ur discord -join our discord server: https://discord.gg/FGrd5pd I'll check if you respect what I said to join Good luck!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. .zip Your aim must be good if u want to play well with theese settings. I was using it for 2 weeks I did not get banned. If u get banned do not cry in the comments. The aimbot for rifles works when u shoot ( for idiots). For pistols set the fov to the size of your crosshair mine is 0.69 and the aimbot is silent. Do not use chams or glow occluded. Use radar instead. enjoy... btw sorry for my bad english.

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