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Found 15 results

  1. So again i m sharing f*cking bad pastes (need a little fixes) don"t ask me for build download link vt ss:
  2. [Introduction] Before we start, this entire thing is ripped from my skeet post from October 2020. It is no longer being worked on because reasons. (If I feel like updating it, I dunno it would probably be soon) Just reposting it because some people may not have seen it, and its a good chance to learn FFI for lua. I noticed people aren't really posting lua that they created, I hope this gives people a push to do so as much as lua sucks. It doesn't matter if its just something that doesn't do anything, it is always interesting to look at people's creations. The server file will also come with a data checker, it could probably be rewritten but this is the best that could be done in the little time we had. You will need a server ;P I'm not paying for one. Instructions on how to setup a VPS for this script will be on my github which can be found near the bottom of this post. If you're confused about this lua, whether it be how to use it or how it was made. You can always contact me I look forward to hearing from you. [Dependencies] > WebSocket Client by sapphyrus > CSGO Weapon Data by sapphyrus [Know Issues] There are still issues, which will be addressed in this forum post and are on the github repo: - Like a 0.002% of crashing - Constantly updates skins, could cause issues on local matches - Still no knife or glove skin changer - Hud can get messed up on death (Fixes when respawned) - If loaded while dead you will not receive updates [Video] [DOWNLOAD] We are finally onto the good part, ITS THE DOWNLOAD, which can be found by clicking on the Download hyperlink or navigating to my github repo, which is as follows: [Hidden Content] [Before I go] I was actually thinking about making a javascript one for all your onetappers, but I believe they still don't have a library for handling data connections like skeet does. Enough requests and I'll attempt an PoC. [Free Ideal Tick]
  3. Hey guys! I got Deadpool's luckycharms cfg for you! I hope you enjoy it! GL&HF! luckychrams.zip
  4. Hey guys! I got some Nixware cfgs and luas for you! I hope you enjoy it! GL&HF! NixwareConfigs.zip
  5. Enjoy ! Dangerous_Technology.zip
  6. Hey guys! I got some Aimware stuff for you guys! Hope you enjoy it! GL&HF! aimware_v5_luas.zip
  7. Hey guys! I got Eclipse's P cfg and good aa, scout can't hit head! I hope you enjoy it! GL&HF! Eclipse_cfg.zip
  8. Hey guys! I got some Fatality stuff for you! I hope you enjoy it! GL&HF! fatality.zip
  9. Hey guys! I got some Legendware luas for you! I hope you enjoy it! GL&HF! legendware.zip
  10. LUA_V6.rar LUA_SCRIPTS_4_OTC.zip -put the luas scripts in C:\Users\youruser\Documents\luacheat\Lua (after inject the luacheat)-
  11. Lagsync for fatality... .. . . . lagsync.zip
  12. So, as known, OneTap source got leaked. So I wanted to ask, could any of you scripters, input Lua to my OneTap? I want OneTap to have option to load some Lua script If you could, add me on discord: 1ulu#4895
  13. Could someone implement LUA to a cheat like ayyware or something? If you could do that add me on discord: 1ulu#4895
  14. Download link : MAGICAL BUTTON HERE Special thanks to : -Andrei.Rzv#5575 ~helping developing the resolver , scout and auto settings -Community for requesting my Configs -This site for existing (Roflmao) -Another magical button that helped me (18+ | I dont joke rn) In the end : Leave a ❤️ or ?if u liked them ?


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