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  1. Do you have a github or a discord channel where you post progress or updates before publishing it to corsair.wtf?
  2. The cheat is very good. CLEAN, no buggy features no wierd glitches. My only problem is that i cannot find the backtrack settings only the backtrack chams. Maybe add some movement features like Autostrafe on key, jumpbug. Movement recorder would be the cherry on top. Fake item unbox(chat) and trade massage, fake ban, bomb damage indicator , bhop hitchance, runboost assist, vote revealer would also be dope. Stay safe!
  3. I sometimes question human existence
  4. try to use this config for balaur put it in %appdata% balaur.host load it, maybe some settings from OTC are overriding and that makes it glitchy im gonna do some tests now CFG1.zip
  5. It's from a developer who is not very known in the community. He doesn't have a lot of time, and there is bugs in the addon so we don't really know if he will and when he will fix them. Initially my friend told me about it, and he was in contact with the developer and the developer basically said things that i am now telling you. I got the .dll from my friend who got it from the developer. I am right now trying to get in contact with the developer so i can ask some questions about the plans for the addon and also ask him his github or discord or anything so I can give him proper credit, cuz right now the .dll is up for download without his permission which is not cool. cheater.fun is 31/71 this is 18/69 so yeaahh Tnx, bro. What??? Can you give a second try writing down that question so i can try to answer it. I sometimes question human existence. BUG FIXES. A LOT OF BUG FIXES! In which addon balaur.host v3 or features addon 1.5.9 ? Try to formulate the question again.
  6. Why is the VT detection higher compared to others???
  7. xdxdxd how tf is it still working lul, but i recommend updating and if you HvH you should check out the new addon
  8. Thank you just turn on anti untrusted there should be no problems 🙂
  9. they try to replicate the settings from otv3 to otv2 the best they can so its basically the same config except when there are features that doesn't exist in otv2.
  10. you need to wait after you inject. Your console will automatically open up it will say that you should wait 7~15 seconds and then the OTC menu will open up also turn on multicore rendering in video settings. Enable developer console in settings. If nothing is working try using a different injector. I will soon make a video about it explaining how to do it and fixes for potential bugs glitches. Hope this helps✌️stay safe✌️


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