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  1. Some progress is being made: Improved FAQ section. Improved license system. Abillity to request a new license in case of hardware upgrade. Downloads section. Replaced logs section with a section that displays all computers that have been authorized with the users license key(s). Added login screen. Added notifications sytem with queue. Added license request warning modal. An idea I have is to maybe create a SaaS like authed.gg but more secure. The idea would be something like this: The provider creates an account They can choose to connect their forum and proxy all API request through the service. They can add a direct download URL to the cheat (it gets proxied through our API and delivered through TCP and not by a HTTP request). See and manage all active subscriptions and licenses & also manage users (banning, revoking, transfering licenses etc). The provider will also get access to a secure C++ & C# library with update system and there will also be a client in respective language as an example to see how the system works. Every API request and injection will be logged so that they can monitor the activity and they will also be able to see active sessions and disable cheats / clients live. The idea is to let providers focus on the cheat development itself and not having to worry about security and spend time developing their own system & APIs. The users will also be able to sign in on a dashboard where they can see their license and download the client. That will be optional if the provider wants to just have the API system and instead supply the users with the client on their own. Would this be a good idea to start working on in the future?
  2. Thanks! There is still quite a lot of things to do such as: Download section. Ability to see when subscription expires. Ability to have cloud saved cheat configs. Ability to see and edit those configs directly in the dashboard. Mobile functionality. See previous build IDs. Some sort of news system (maybe). I have been working on a small CSGO cheats for quite some time and it has only been limited to me and a couple of friends. But since none of use are playing CS anymore I'm thinking about making it into a subscription service. Its a "AI" powered cheat kinda, the cheat itself does not have any sort of AI but the building process of the cheat has. When the user pressed the "Load cheat button" in the loader it sends a request to my API that in turn sends another request to my build server that have a "AI" that have been trained with a ton of different hooking methods, different functions, classes, etc. The AI will then modify the source with a mix of the learned data that it has and when its complete it will build the source, if the build were to fail the error output and a copy of the source will be uploaded to a storage server so I can debug and fix it later. And if the build is successful it will take the DLL and get its signature and compare it to all other builds that have been made, and if there have been a build with the same signature it will discard the DLL and source and redo the whole process. If the signature is unique the DLL will be streamed over to the loader and then injected into the game. And so far it have been working great, though I'm not 100% sure if I should complete this "project" and release it to the public or just do it for fun.
  3. Hello! This is my little "side project" that I have been working on a couple of days, its built in React and uses [Hidden Content] for the UI. I would like some feedback, does it look good or is there anything I should change to make it better? Mobile view (the website does not work on mobile devices due to the way I generate a unique but also persistent ID): Main desktop page:
  4. Thank you! 😁 That is the one I'm the most proud of and put the most time into!
  5. Greetings! I will keep it short, I basically create custom game cheat loaders or injectors depending on what you want to call it, I have been doing this for quite a long time on another forum that sadly no longer exists. Each loader is made completely from scratch and will be made to your liking, the most common features are: HWID lock Login and registration system. (Can be connected with XenForo, IPS, MyBB etc) DLL streaming. (The cheat will be loaded from a remote server) Runtime encryption. Anti-debugging. HTML based UI. Automatic newsletter & update system. Metrics collection. Upon a completed order the full source-code will be delivered with documentation explaining everything how its works, and I will provide images and videos regularly showing the progress and change things so it is to your satisfaction! If you are interested please send me a message here on the forum and I can explain more in detail! Some loaders I have made in the past:


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