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  1. I MIGHT.... NEED.... TO TRY.... THIS SHIT - But im a broke boy, so i need money first.
  2. ngl tho... the staff is kinda shit, they don't give no sympathy for anybody. For instance me, I haven't been on the forum in about a year and I got banned for multi-accounting. Which I found pretty funny. - But yes, when I was on the forum, It was pretty good... Just wish the Staff actually cared for what they do to the members.
  3. Nice Release... Someone lemme know if this is good, I would like to know lol.
  4. sorry bruh... its "123" (Without the "" ofc)
  5. Search the forums... I'm sure you would find something you like, especially for that game.
  6. Hey, this could be a wonderful sell opportunity, but I would really like to know about the price before I start to even think about buying. So if you could put the price or in-which how much the product would be, that would be wonderful. ~ opx
  7. [Hidden Content] - I use this, whenever I have no money to buy the real OneTap. otcv3.zip
  8. LMFAOO THE WINDOWS 10 SOUND- - now only if there was a "Microsoft Windows Xp Shutdown" sound. HAHHAA
  9. opx

    Need help

    you were posting, talking about an injector itself not injecting properly. While doing that you are asking for help, which follows the category of "Injectors | Need Help |" Not source code because you are not releasing anything. You are simply asking for a question, because you need assistance. ~opx
  10. Wonderful release, I can confirm that this does work. +rep 💪
  11. SHEESH soul getting dissed. Might be some good configs, i appreciate u.
  12. It's either detected or just outdated, but idrk how many times TF2 updates.
  13. I re-uploaded the file to a translated version, making it easier for users to see what they are doing / how to use it. ~ opx
  14. Could be a very good seller. I wish you the best of luck sir.
  15. Is this working on all windows versions? from -> ex: 1803, 1807, 1903, 1907, 2004, 20H1, and 20H2
  16. Well since I haven't see this yet and it looks pretty good. I am very impressed. Good shit g.
  17. I remember getting a invite to gamsense.su back in 2019, and it was a little Russian kiddio.


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