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  1. doesnt work after the new operation. and its not a malware
  2. @ Sappy due to the new major update its not working anymore so can you update that status so people dont have to download useless dll
  3. if your anti aim aa is emotion then use down or use less fake lag or disable it entirely
  4. you suck


    1. TinyBoi


      your penis is small

  5. just asking if anyone crash? and please list what injector you use and which mode
  6. !!!WARNING!!! YOU CANNOT INJECT THIS CHEAT SINCE THE NEW OPERATION CHANGES STUFF SO IT WILL CRASH WHEN YOU TRY TO INJECT! !!!WARNING!!! Basicly OTC3 and config+script in your CSGO game folder, named as ot (if you dont see it then you have to inject the cheat first) VT: Inject with CSGhost: hvh cfgs (these are not the best config but its good enouff if you are lazy): .js (some required to run the cfg above)


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