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  1. hello guys. Found this online and fixed the code to make it work again. All you have to do is download chrome and check your version and get the right driver. Update here. - Press Me , And paste " chrome://settings/help " in top bar to check version Then run the driver.exe you downloaded then follow instructions via " README.md " Download Files - Press Me And thats all 🙂 enjoy.
  2. Make sure you run rustclient.exe not Rust.exe This is the only problem, Simple fix. Sorry for late response
  3. Must use a FiveM executer. They are like 30-50 $ lifetime
  4. Yeah xD its no problem was just curious
  5. Nah im aware just seems like a vac thing xD. Im friends with most vac staff and pretty used to that community
  6. Password for all archives on our forum: 123
  7. Can you provide pictures of vouches here with a reply? Thread will be hidden untill then
  8. Site has been moved to cheater.fun Hope this helps 🙂


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