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  1. this is the account [Hidden Content] it's vac banned on csgo So I give you FA to the acc Add me on discord if you are interested robloxlover#7809
  2. I wanted to buy zeer myself for 360 days but the site doesn't accept any payment method I would use so If someone from Russia could help me I will be happy. I'll just want to get the 30 day not syce I can't pay myself. I will give you a steam giftcard it's 50RUB (0.66$), I'll give you a 1$ steam giftcard or something like that respond if you can help me
  3. So, I'm from Romania and I can't buy it cuz it only got those Russian sites, they don't got PayPal or g2a pay or things like that So If you know when I could buy it with another method , a legit one ,pls tell me 🙂
  4. idk if i got something interfering with the configs but they are the worst I ever used


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