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  1. there is non. its comon knowledge that zeer is patched and doesnt work anymore. so. only way to get zeer is to buy it
  2. frrr xddd about time valve did something. litteraly allowed cheaters for most of its existence. you could be 2 years old and still cheat in cs without getting banned like it was a joke.
  3. oh my young padawin. as you have much to learn. acc settings my dude
  4. valve is cracking down on bought accs. its not worth buying accs any more since valve can detect it now. only way to work around it is contacting the buyer, asking where they are from and putting a vpn to it. same way like changing currency to buy cheaper games on steam.
  5. also whats very suspicious is this file is trying to install it self everytime on pc boot up.
  6. he sent a vt scan. of the zip. THE ZIP. could you send vts of all indivisual files instead?
  7. cause pirate perfection doesnt exist anymore. pp is gone, use p3d instead for pd2 hacks
  8. sadly no 😞 it crashes on inject, for me anyways, if it works for u thats great
  9. jesus christ man u didnt need to be so mean ;-; xddd
  10. alr. never ever ch3at on ur main acc. even though its a skin changer vac doesnt care what youre using, if your injected and vac sees it your done for. but for free u can use cshskins, paid you can use zeer, skinchanger.cc
  11. dont u think that was a little 0_0 harsh? 😅
  12. no. verifying game files wont help you escape detection. verifying game files means steam will look at all the files u got and check if anything is missing. thats all. no more no less. if u dont wanna get banned use a bypass always, use an undetected cheat such as osiris for example. and if u dont wanna get ow ban, use little to no aimbot and use no walls or learn to to legit cheat with walls
  13. synapse x is a virus isnt it? the roblox cheat?
  14. ⢀⣀⣤⣤⣤⣀⣀⣀⣀⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    amog us moment

  15. if you are reading this you are a great person 🙂 👽

  16. if ur having trouble use another one like csghost or madinjector. but if ur deadset on using save basicly you go to choose proccess and find csgo.exe and add it. (may take some scrolling to find it) then add ur dll and ur good.
  17. try putting a ';' when line 17 endes. should fix a few of those problems. and seems there is a ';' missing on 107 also if im not worng
  18. So im making a multi hack just for fun. im still adding stuff i got the fov, bhop, and rcs done so far. adding aimbot and glow soon. but i wanna add a skinchanger how do i go about doing so? i download nSkinz but i have no clue what do copy and paste into my actual cheat and where to post it. im new to coding and c++ so. confusion is to the max for me.


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