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  1. EY. My discord. Acetopy#8004. Get in touch if u wanna join our modding group. Open source, friendly and supportive environment 🙂

  2. If you want the update to this project, youve gotta message me. My D-chord is acetopy#8004, msg me if u want to join the dev team. Weve come a long way since this post was made but still need some help from testers and developers. So if you want in. Let me know
  3. Hi all. I've discovered, while its in Alpha, using Star Citizen with cheat engine is safe!! I've received no warnings or bans . For the last few months I've been working on Star Citizen with cheat engine. So far, by doing standard value searches. I've managed to isolate and freeze the values for; * Heart rate (no fatigue * HP (char still dies when losing health, cld be server side) * Suit Oxygen (you can float in space for hours!) * Other Oxygen (I cant remember its name atm :/) * Hunger * Thirst * Body temp * Environmental Temp. * Hydrogen and Quantum * Char run speed * Ship speed * - heat (no overheat) & A few other values which I havent yet Identified. I previously did this by adding the addresses found in the labeled code list , which contains the single value I want to manipulate, eg. heart rate. After freezing the value at 60, I nop the code I pulled the value from. To freeze the value properly (i.e. heart rate), you need to freeze and nop all the heart codes from the code list. Fortunately I know use pointers and scripts :). Which makes the menu far easier to use. If your reading this I'm sure this then I have no doubt your curious what can be done in Star Citizen with Cheat Engine (and other tools :). I have a fair amount of experience with Cheat Engine but have just begun how to effectively utilize pointers, and scripts(im still a novice). I know with the information I've so far gathered that they can be developed, as I'm certain most (if not all) of the values listed above are managed locally. If anyone who plays SC and wants to give me a hand, I and other SC modders will be eternally greatful. Were looking for coders to help us hack the game better, improve our scripts and help us develop our next project which is currently being planned. I'm working on/need a hand with; * finding the ammo value and the associated code to populate the code list. * Increasing accuracy by minimizing the crosshair (idk how to do this...yet.) * Finding the movement and jump values * Finding the sprint speed value. * Creating scripts and pointers, allowing easy manipulation. Currently in order to change the values I want, I need to repeat the process mentioned above, which can take a few minutes and isnt quickly reversable.*F F Finding any useful value So if anyone has any tips, pointers or wants to download the CT table, in order to improve it. Please feel free to message me here or add me on discord @ acetopy#8004 UPDATEDStarCitizen2.zip SC 3.14 Lite.CT


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