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    Dork$ense.dll https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1c12b291b70949a0dbc7a4167e57ee86cb535336493f7ff2fdad6df56e78fe09/detection
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    So after a long time searching for a good free hvh cheat , and being tired and bored of playing with otc I found weave.su . I started playing with it and saw has a lot of cool features ex: - Instant double tap - Good fake lag / decent AA - Skeet like visuals - Good resolver. The resolver is more then decent its actually pretty good, sometimes misses but I feel it can resolve AA most of the times I had a friend use onetap v3 and loaded all his lagsync java scripts, he started with the worst one and finished with the best one . First weave.su started dumping a lot of bullets close to a mag , it did this for all the java scripts . Second time with tried tho it was a different story we loaded the exact same java scripts but this time it did not dump like close to no misses It resolved every lagsync from V1-V3 and other version of it , we even tried a lot of only AA java scripts and still it was resolving . The only problem with the cheat is the fake duck its not working good at all at most of the times it will get you killed even if you hold a 1w . Final result : 8/10 cheat can be improved and fixed more , and needs a lot more important features ex: more AA customization etc. PS: I recommend using not the original version of weave.su . Use improved version of it like Brutality or Wayvee. VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/84361fbbaf30268dcc5a200a8aa4211d99d54f77a3966d2f1f4066139444f59d/detection VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/52d6f267653aa34695649b53b4ac9134a471622bb60047a2eda9796a452e4630/detection CFG : %appdata% This is not originally cracked by me or leaked by me if the files are found to be unsafe its not my fault! credits: https://corsair.wtf/profile/2456-dollar69/ Discord: فراغ#8375 wayvee_1_5.dll brutality.dll hvh.json hvh_1.json hvh_2.json hvh_11.json default 1.3.2.json Fizzy Auto.json Fizzy Scout.json
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    placebo resolver and aa dont even try my guy smh
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    i already did this should i release it?
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    nixware is a russian paid paste, why would we buy a worthless account?
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    LOL and btw add a virus total link plase VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/acafe17f75a6ff7cd6a2a7193f0d86d760c7604d87ea5ecd85b9837f49622b80/detection I know it says peddl but is the dll he posted
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    That question is kind of hard to be honest, what do I have to say for skeet?. It can resolve well, also it is easy to configure, menu doesn't feel very crowded and the ability to customize it by either resizing it or changing colours of the bars is a great touch. Plus fps drops are very rare, almost impossible to come across. Skeet isn't god-mode as it used to be, but it's very well optimized and you get a great experience using it on HvH servers. Tho just like any cheat, it has its flaws. Firstly, the developer sometimes doesn't update it early enough and it can be a pain, but it's never on the stage to be unplayable. Also one of the biggest flaws of the cheat, is their Staff team. It takes much time to hear back from Administrators or Moderators, especially if you want to get a hardware ID reset. That would be my opinion from what i've heard about skeet. Now for Aimware (One step ahead of the game), the resolver is decent but not really as good as expected on certain scenarios, is it kind of hard to configure, and I think that's due to the lack of customization of the menu and also just because not everything is labelled to perfect sections, but it's not as bad as it used to be so let's give them a pass on this one. Now for visuals, there are some useless features and visuals can be the pain of your whole experience with the cheat because you might get a head-ache with it, (One step behind of the game), i've also heard that the support in the forums isn't as great but it's just a rumor from my point of view so they pass here too. Finally, the only one that could give a decent opinion on the cheat is yourself, after of course using it for a long time, because it all comes down to personal preference, and playstyle.
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    i can't give dll i am from phone sry
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    dont rush just slow walk dll : https://cheater.fun/csgo_hacks_free/1186-download-cheat-csgo-onetap-chamscc-resolver-visuals-d-tap-etc-free.html hvh cfg new1.cfg
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    so what's new in beta?
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    SazInjector This injector is safe from VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) Really easy to use Working injector for popular online games and not only from the developer Saz. This injector will help you run the downloaded .dll file of the hack, it is really easy to use the injector SazInjector will do it quickly and without failures. The injector was tested by me personally on the CS:GO game and everything went well, but the author claims that SazInjector works with any game. Download and check yourself, questions and recommendations in the comments or on the discord server. SCREENSHOT : WINRAR PASSWORD: SazZ How To Use : Read : Download :
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    btw if it is btc just go into task manager and stop the second csgo
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    Fakelag (Hold) : Shift Slowwalk (Hold) : Shift Invert (Toggle) : J Remember to use SlowWalk when you are going to peek because it will miss Do not peek against a lot of people or it will miss Always try to aim at the people and watch your back because of the low fov CFG Folder : Documents/Osiris I don't know how to make a good cfg of this so it might be bad against other cheats badrage
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    doesnt even take otv3 configs lmao bs also im pretty sure the resolver is like placebo
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    ok so ik otc v3 dont exist but this is otcv2 but theres a way to get v3 sorta so ill give the source but all you gotta do is revamp the ui to look like otv3 and boom otcv2.5(otcv2 with v3 menu) vt: virustotal.com/gui/file/980085c76cca15b2ff7fa56821ea143d1710b993ee57926a0c8df8cb28338713/detection onetap source code.rar
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    is it any good or better than otc ?
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    Why does the title say "Dont buy" and then in your post you want ppl to buy it? And Nixware is just a paste lmao, who would even buy that xd
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    Please give me a HvH Config for brutality.win
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    maybe cuz of ur playstyle ?
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    They all work with brutality hvh_2.json hvh_11.json default 1.3.2.json Fizzy Auto.json Fizzy Scout.json hvh.json hvh_1.json
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    Fixed instant crash when killing someone Idk why cheat shoots at dead people props to shonax for fixing this is a source, so you need to build the dll by yourself pandora_v3.zip
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    otc is better than nixware if u have a good config for it. youre not gonna find a better free or cheap cheat. just buy aw or ot if you want a paid cheat
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    I don't think there will be ftc anymore... it's been a long time since the cheat didn t get any update...
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    fatality.win cracked its op as fuck im waiting if anyone post ftc source or dll
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    https://bit.ly/2ZkHIy1 invite generator for fatality. worked for me
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    Good hvh cheat, a lot of customization, especially for aaEnjoy pandorav3.dll VT: Link
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    Cool bro crashes faster than other pastes
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    bruh this is so op tq i tapped skeet/gamesense user btw lol
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    What kind of monster would use discord light theme?
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    The cfg is for closet cheater, if you wanna to be a streamer or make highlights video, that cfg is for you! I Made 2 cfgs 1 - Have wall, but does not have a aimbot 2- Not have wall, but have a legit aimbot And both have skin changer for all guns! If you think have problem with both cfg tell me and i will try fix it! ? Change log: Updated in: August 13, 2019 | 01:25( GMT 0 ) -New skins -Update Wall cfg Good cheating? Osiris Wall V4 Osiris Legit V5
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    If you're scared of something being a virus, and one of our two file checkers are not online. Don't be afraid to try it by yourself. https://any.run/ is a good sandbox website for testing, it gives you information but sadly it isn't as detail as I'd personally prefer. Your best bet is to download some reverse engineer tools and use a hypervisor/virtual machine (which is actually what I do). This can be run at an almost safe level. But if you really want to properly check something I would suggest using linux as your boot os then virtually running windows onto it. Linux gives much much more debug tools for virtual machines. Try not to be so toxic in the near future. It is against our rules. Packing a .dll in vmprotect will not make the file size go down. This is usually called obfuscating and a link somewhat explaining it can be found at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.reflection.obfuscationattribute?view=netcore-3.1 or https://hackernoon.com/what-is-obfuscation-30d8cc68b4d8 These should be somewhat enough resources to understand what obfuscation is. To keep it simple, you are jumbling up your code and sometimes adding new code, which in turn, changes the default file size. It can never be lower because you are adding extra to it.
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    5.8 mb osiris and new user, nice try retard
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    for me it doenst do nothing, do i need to launch it before or after the game?
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    Why this cheat like this to me? any tutor?
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    CFG by Skaffy CFG location: C:\ DOWNLOAD CFG: rage1.cfg rage.cfg
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    GIVING AWAY 1 TICKBASE.CC INVITE ❤️ RULES : Like this topic ❤️ Also put you're discord **Gamer tag** Lego 🙂 Good Luck Yall 🙂
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    is this legit cfg or rage?
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    need to launch options write "-disable_d3d9ex"