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    Here's my ot config, and tbh i think is the best free cfg Binds: thirdperson = x fd = z manual aa = arrows dt = m5 hs = m4 auto peek = m3 (i don't use it) min damage override = v slowwalk = shift tapped fatality, aimware & nemesis cfg location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\ot js location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\ot\scripts enjoy :3 OTcfgByLilKid.rar
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    Lucky's Private HVH config leaked by one of his Subs, here you go exclusive.cfg
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    Please give me credits in videos that you make with them and please post the link to this or any other thread of mine in the comment section/description of your video! Thanks. Configs go in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive TeeeSense.cfg
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    10x invite codes g0cBwdp8VqOfdNifnU64BHFcyWMRPXHX VceVzXp3ZgRf7xGK2dr0FADRU1FQqiWx lTb5YUhKqgEC4WjNstss-D4UDzPuxq-6 ObgtYFQq-APH2ZHk35GQzFsCC32HZ_YZ OEK8q9eaBTYH5pRGKVvaeuJCG0i7bNzf jetHOyjNhGOcOW7ur7QriqIfD8jQ7IcZ Eg5MZ_C4Lpls1uDZgYO-3Nuaxv2CPLA5 Y9yZrqjvWaUWdW_Lt2wQpHKx3kwEt3yY vqWln8dKIv3ArdY7hlh2oNAqoKbDR7mU Q-MPsi0X7EhNG6vxgPI8pmgTzK_C0LW- for more invite codes, feel free to dm me on discord: LilKid1337#5507
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    test Among
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    since ot v3 got cracked somehow i will leak a private cfg + js that i use xD Cfg location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\ot java scripts location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\ot\scripts LilKidHvHRework.cfg anti-brute.js HvHEssentialCracked.js
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    this is a virus which call rensenware.its like wanna cry will encrypt your files.just restore your pc if you opened the exe or injected the dll.
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    DonΒ΄t run the .exe
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    Thankyou!, but I do not care about my source being leaked. Im offering this for free. Crack as ud like!
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    || CFG and Js - click|| My YouTube Channel || my Discord - .π”₯π”―π”žπ”±π¬#0152|| media -
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    I want to inject the oceanic.dll to cs:go and i get this error: this assembly is protected by an unregistered version of Ezirisˇˇ.NET Reactor! How can i fix it?
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    can someone give this man a brain pls ty
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    i dont think a CFG can make such a miracle, but just call a friend to help you tested it and make one yourself, The best config possible is the one that fit your playstyle so make one yourself
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    i am looking for the same thing bro
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    that is actually real
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    ez doeee ,,,
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    apex legends support cheat "undetected" --> HERE Ycheat apex legends "Undetected" --> HERE DISCORD LINK | Their WebSite and you can visit Website cheap apex legends
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    How to enter 1. Like 2. Comment your discord 3. Wait for me to accept ur request In discord 4. Tell me why you want invite 5. Get Lucky and win
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    Its a pure virus + i was having for test antivirus off and i open the game after the hack and nothing and when i open my antivirus he automatic detect the hack.Don't dowland this piece of shit hack
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    ============ Posirishvh ============ UNDEDECTED 7/21/2020 (antiaim on work) for rage (slowwalk) tag+aimbotz) (movement vid) vt: (07/20/2020) ++++NEWS: triggerbot hitchance(inaccuracy) + fast stop added movement features added(jumpbug - edgejump - small autostrafe fix) clantag changer fix + pOsiris tag added))) legit and rage autostrafer at misc added desync chams for u guys requested so much :DD new features in antiaim(better designed for hvh) new fakewalk exploit new lby breaker fixed bullet tracer improved aimbot-triggerbot humanized bhop+autostrafe autowall fake ping(+200ms) fake lag(16tick) extended backtrack multipoint esp sv_pure bypass skeet chams and glows nightmode full customizable antiaim (legitaa-static-jitter) fakeduck slowwalk fake prime visual things(this cheat doesnt decrease ur fps actually it boosts) indicators zeusbot crashing at some users its working on me but i dont know dont enable when you are at match.try with bots there is no resolver so this isnt full rage cheat dont forget it pls:)) GLHF dll: p0siris autostop.dll
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    Work only on windows 10 [1703-2004] VT Fatality [How to launch] 1. run mapper.exe 2. wait 30 sec. in game 3. play Click on like ❀️
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    I think this is a trojan virus that injects into our computer. Not cool 😞
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    Your injector is P and all but Linkvertise is garbage
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    Can you guys pls tell me a steam acc generator I banned from my accounts
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    nice.thanks for sharing >>> great work man
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    Some people just when Inject a cheat he cant see the menu of cheat, but why? This probleme can be on Onetap crack or other cheats. Lets use Corsair Inject and Onetap crack for example. Corsair Inject is a Injector which give you the opportunity to Inject what cheat in any game what you want. Onecrack is a cheat for CS:GO that is popular for hvh and legit. Q: Why when i Inject nothing happen? A: When you Inject you need this settings: Multi-core proccesing/Multicore rendering enable. (you can search this on video settings) To specify the startup parameters -disable_d3d9ex If you have this settings and still you cant see the menu try this: Uninstall CS:GO and reinstall When CS:GO is ready go to specify the startup parameters and write this -disable_d3d9ex Then open CS:GO go to video settings and enable Multi-core proccesing/Multicore rendering enable. If you have some question just send me in private πŸ™‚