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    I got 1 invite laying around Rules to join: 1. like the post 2. comment anything The winner will be picked on 12 of may GL!
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    EDIT 16/5/2020 @ 12:47am AEST: Updated, fixed lot's of potential crashes. Added standalone triggerbot + triggerbot mode inside Aimbot, LegitAA, Movement Recorder (not working) + Blockbot (also not working) EDIT 12/5/2020 @ 9:06am AEST: Hotfix; updated and fixed a few things ❤️ EDIT 11/5/2020 @ 3:34pm AEST: Updated, Fixed some stuff, and added Anti OBS ESP (If using; turn off chams before enabling and also disable multicore rendering to avoid flickering) Anti OBS preview: https://streamable.com/94suyh ❤️ EDIT 5/5/2020 ::: USE WITH CAUTION, new CSGO update just dropped ❤️ EDIT 4/5/2020 @ 10:05am AEST: Updated, changed SIG and added Fake Prime as requested. ❤️ EDIT 2/5/2020 @ 11:52pm AEST: Updated, changed SIG and added new chams Mat. options. ❤️ (SS and Showcase at bottom) Hey there, I hope you find this feeling well, and today, I am finally posting my *finally stable* CSGO project; WR417H. This post may be somewhat large, but that's simply because I have put a lot of time and effort into it 🙂 WR417H is an entirely free cheat with no P2C aspects whatsoever, my aim is to make it as close as possible to a premium cheat. I will continue to work on adding new things to WR417H as time goes on. As it stands, WR417H does not have any HvH features yet, but I am planning on adding them in the future. I have built WR417H almost entirely from the ground up myself, aside from some help from the community and the use of some Skeet Menu Icons 😄... I did not paste anything within this except some functions for V_Table hooking and the 4 things listed below, but that's it. Regardless, I must pay credit where due... A special thanks to; Kiro @ UC (Bone Matrix Fix) AldaVadda @ UC (Faking Crosshair) Unknown @ UC (Animation Fix + Rebuilding Player Movement) Unknown @ UC (Animated Chams) + Many others over at Unknowncheats for their assistance and wisdom 😆 Some inspiration for WR417H taken from Osiris MH, and Skeet.cc. Features Being Currently Worked On (In order from top to bottom): - Profile Editor (Medals, Rank, Level, XP, etc.) - Working Legit Desync Current Feature List: ESP: - Glow ESP (Colour Picker, Health Based Colour, Alpha) - Chams ESP (Colour Picker, Health Based Colour, Alpha, Materal; Normal, Flat Animated) - Other ESP (Enemy Names, 2D Box, Snaplines, Anti OBS) Visuals: - Disable Scope Overlay - Disable Fog - Disable Post-processing - Disable Smoke - Grenade Prediction - Show Enemies on Radar (bSpotted) - Third Person (Distance Controls, Toggle Bind) - Viewmodel Override - FOV Override - No Flash (amount) Aim-bot: - Individual Gun Settings - Aim FOV - Aim Smoothing - Silent Aim (Client side only) - Backtrack (Amount, 0-200ms) - Target Bone ('Smart Hitbox', Nearest, Head, Neck, Upper Chest, Chest, Stomach, Pelvis) - Target Lock - Target Allies - Flags: Visible, Scoped, Flashed, Smoke Miscellaneous: - Anti AFK - Auto Bhop - Auto Strafe - Auto Pistol - Auto Reload - Auto Accept - Bone Matrix Fix - Engine Prediction (Edge Jump (+ Aim-bot Coming Soon)) - Hit Sound (Metallic, Gamesense) - No Stamina - Plant Exploit - Recoil Crosshair (In-game) - Reveal Ranks - Reveal Money - Spectator List - Quick Reload - Unhook Cheat Skin Changer: - nSkinz (ty to namazso ❤️) Config Manager: - Save/Load Configs - Name Configs - Configs are encrypted with somewhat complex encryption (just for fun hehe) - Binds (Menu, Aim-bot, Edge Jump and Third Person keys) Note: WR417H's memory, resource and strings are all obfuscated but NOT packed. To contribute to you not geting VAC'ed, download VMProtect demo and ONLY PACK the .dll ; untick 'Memory', 'Import' and 'Resource Protection' and keep 'Pack the Output File' Ticked, set the output file name to something like WR417H_v1.01.dll, it no longer has to be exactly that file name 🙂 Use SazInjector or CMR to inject please. That's it, thank you. Enjoy 🙂 If anyone has any feature requests leave a comment, I'll try my best to add them, please do NOT request any HvH features as I am not focussing on that right now. Mods, please put this on the main site ty 💕 (cheater.fun). Short Simple Showcase: https://streamable.com/et0xlk SS: https://imgur.com/VGYNrJu WR417H_Injector.exe VT (A lot of detections but it's only because the file is packed, there's no virus and you do not need to use the injector anyway): https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1e7dab16f13ea42486c757c20c296ff92ef53e667d37efb6857a15a91218373c/detection WR417H_v1.00.dll VT (same deal as above, it's packed): https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a726183fd74f94820dc7edb999214ed71977613d31e28927e0a8b91f1de92dd3/detection Total Downloads so far: 700+ WR417H_v1.03.zip
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    SazInjector This injector is safe from VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) Really easy to use Working injector for popular online games and not only from the developer Saz. This injector will help you run the downloaded .dll file of the hack, it is really easy to use the injector SazInjector will do it quickly and without failures. The injector was tested by me personally on the CS:GO game and everything went well, but the author claims that SazInjector works with any game. Download and check yourself, questions and recommendations in the comments or on the discord server. SCREENSHOT : WINRAR PASSWORD: SazZ How To Use : Read : Download :
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    Hello guys, excuse me cuz i doesn t posted it...I forgot to update the config Anyway, here's the lalala1 v4 update What should i say bout it? It's a P config Good for all ( YEA, ALL) weapons from the game. Fakelag is turned off cuz we all know that on scout if u have the fakelag on u will miss ( ofc u can turn on if u play another gun) Btw, i made this config in 30 minutes, i tested it like 3 hours.. What i expect? In first game with it ( when i was in the process of creating) i was killed for 8 times cuz i was afk ( i didn t get any kill cuz i had "ragebot" off).. And then, what u think? after i toggled the ragebot i made 33/11 ( remember that i died for 8 times and i never did /rs) Rofl Then that's the best otc config Ofc, i am the best otc user :), OK ??? Thanks guys for listening me ❤️ Enjoy of my config, the next update is in 1-2 weeks ( don t forget to remember me ) lalala1 v4.cfg
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    ok so heres my view on hvh you get a free cheat as your first cheat you get tapped hella hard by a paid cheat like awv5 so you buy aimware you get tapped by otv3 and skeet and otc and fatal so you get otcv3 you get tapped by skeet and awv5 and otc and fatal so you some how got skeet now you get tapped by fatal and awv5 and otv3 sometimes otc you get fatal you get tapped by otv3 awv5 skeet and sometimes otc what im saying is it dont matter about what cheat you have or what you get its all the same but imo i think v3 is better because its dumb ass proof with its recent update v5 is gay for one and only one reason its bipolar ass resolver sometimes it misses legit AA does hit head on legit players on first shot but aimware has never been cracked it has been pasted by YEAHnot.ru but onetap has skeet been leaked one time thats why there was an update idk someone told me that so idc but fatal has been cracked and leaked so i would say aimware for security but v3 can out perform any cheat plus it dont eat you fps's ass like aimware (aimware be like what Yajirobe did to krillan in dragon ball)
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    Hello, today one person in the corsair.wtf discord asked for latest OTC, he was told its outdated, thats not true. I injected OTC successfully today without any issues. Link to download: OTC.zip Link to VT: VirusTotal VAC Detection Info: Use at your own risk. I have used it for a month and I'm not banned yet. Others report differently. Virus Detection Info: Do not worry. The download link is from the official GitHub of 0x000cb, the "developer" of OTC, and he provided the binaries for the file so you can check the code in hexedit if you want. This DLL is safe to use. If you like this post please react with thanks!
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    confused 100% let me test ur eye
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    Cracked by FCH Team Impulse dll : Impulse.dll ImpulseCrack.dll ImpulseEssential.dll -Website/Launcher is down rn - FCH launcher : fch.exe
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    I will send 5$ to PayPal who has 10 messages and 5+ rep
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    Hello guys, This is my first cfg that I make. I played 2 comp matches, and 10 Wingman matches with it and no one made me cheater so... First it has Aimbot on almost every weapon, Excepting P2000, Auto-Snipers and Shotguns, It has skins on almost every weapon and only chams, Bunnyhop and Autostrafe (Try not to do more than 3/4 jumps thought) And Legit AA 🙂 Enjoy! legitRed.json
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    what the hell brah, you stole this work from Daniel K @ Github hahahahaahahhaha See attached, left side is Daniel K's compiled "VAC Bypass Loader", Right side is Draken's 😐
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    Hi, today i uploading osiris with VMProtection, and simply tutorial how to make your own .dll VMProtected! Where to place cfg? ---> C:\Documents\Osiris But now, how to make your cheat VMProtected? Just go to --> https://vmpsoft.com, download demo version. If done, just click "Open" in quick start menu and find your .dll there aand... Done! Have fun with your own undetected .dll! Oh, i forgot. There is the VirusTotal scan ---> https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b4a73e5ee9c42d04437b7174eac18820cfede3200eb2e1fef02a714ca893f169/detection Osiris.vmp.dll N 3
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    Now in this topic i am gonna give out some tips to pasters out there on how to make their paste undetected. So to start off i am gonna give the most simple tip, add junk code to your cheat, so basically " junk code " i believe says it all itself and i don't need to explain but for new pasters here is what it is itself and what it does, also i am gonna provide a link for a junk code generator and a tutorial on how to add junk code. Also keep in mind that this tutorial is aiming at really beginner to intermediate ( kinda ) coders/pasters. What is junk code? What is it used for? Basically junk code is code that has/makes no sense at all and usually people include this type of code to their cheats to make their cheat uc. Junk code does nothing and is used to change the signature of the cheat itself. How is my cheat protected by junk code? So basically junk code makes your cheat unique and protects it from being detected by VAC system ( somewhat ). So basically the way they do this is kinda simple, they look for signatures and patterns in memory and blacklist them. That's why if many people use the same cheat they're gonna get banned because the system detects those signatures and patterns in your memory ( or RAM ) and gets the cheat detected and you get banned. So the junk code basically is something in between your actual code itself and when the check runs it confuses the system, and that is how we disguise and break the signatures of our cheats. How much junk code is needed and where to put it? It really depends on how safe you want your cheat to be usually its something like this : more junk code - cheat is safer. And for the second question, the junk code should go in both the .cpp and .h files. Do i need to remove any specific features ( such as Ragebot . misc or esp etc.. ) ? I mean most people have heard that removing features from your cheat makes your cheat more undetectable, i have heard about it too but in my opinion you don't need to remove any features from your cheat because adding enough junk code to each individual .cpp and .h files is more sufficient to make your cheat signature safe. The VAC system is not good so it's easy to bypass too, so go out there and make a detected source undetected again. P.S : It's not really an efficient, nor viable option if you're trying to make a P2C ( Pay To Cheat ) from it and have it stay undetected from long though. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the link i promised to provide about a junk code generator. Junk Code Generator Also keep in mind that once you copy and paste your junk code refresh the page for fresh junk code. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is also a nice tutorial from youtube by " Mozari ". Junk Code Tutorial Also keep in mind that this video was posted 1 month ago so its kinda recent. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally I would like to thank you for the reputation on my last post about OTC addons and i also would like to hear from you guys in the comments if you want more simple tutorials like this or if i should keep making small general topics and cheat reviews the next tutorial in this series on guides would be about how to prevent your cheat from crashing ( updating offsets ) and also i would like to know if you want me to explain in text the tutorial or just add youtube video but to be honest i think with videos it is gonna be easier for beginners. That's all i had to say don't forget to drop me some good reputation and ill see you in the next one. peace.
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    𝓞𝓷𝓮𝓣𝓪𝓹 𝓒𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓴 This is the official version from 0x000cb from github You can also clone the repository yourself from github trough this link: https://github.com/0x000cb/otc.git (If you want to clone the repository and extract dll yourself then you need Visual Studios) Below there is already extracted dll if someone does not want to install visual studios This dll has most of the functions fixed, there is no crash using legit, tested it myself. Also I am using Process Hacker as injector (you can find it here): https://processhacker.sourceforge.io/ VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/eb74580870a11a076ac82eb4fb429d78419c2a41009c5ba3b1b28bd5bebc8966/detection This dll has different name in the menu, but it is the same onetap, if you want it to say Onetap on the menu, then contact me. 💠 Credits 0x000cb - Project creator & reverse staff HoShiMin - Legacy & Native help. playday3008 - Help with github & frequent pull requests. toast, wnz, d3x - The creators of OT crack. flyingllama - Creator of skeet tier security. OTC.dll
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    Why the fuck are you using cheats if you can't configure one. How shit are you?
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    Here OTC With VMP VT : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b2fe9bf6ea2c3dbfa3df28363884dd0241b326e6722c77f69a5defbc885690b4/detection OTC.vmp.dll
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    Explanation inside the video ! HOW TO USE: 1- Open the game 2- Click on Hack Run as Administrator 3-Type here the name of the game "pubglite" 4- Click Activate ! ________________________ virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/5e75ad26b452c9801f09c6c87424faf28af9814749430331021dd1de8fcbe90d/detection vnhaxvip.exe
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    From what i know, the cheat is undetected. It's a legit cheat, it has a rage tab too but it's under construction. It has a really nice menu with a lot of cool visuals and a nice legit bot. The skinchanger actually shows you the skin in the menu that you selected, overall, great. popka.win.dll
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    Explanation inside the video ! HOW TO USE: 1- Open the game 2- Click on Hack Run as Administrator 5- Enjoy ____________________________ virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9595db47c8f460cdd27b9a4c1b1ac68acdda489ccf867d9495883519950d3ef6/detection virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/940dd6c2693be78a671cad250f75a5b5324b3350e2b2fc1cfc098293b934fdb3/detection
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    Please tell me if there is a free cheat with the opening of cases? If there is, please give dll.
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    Hey Cheaters I have a question for you guys What color of skins configs would you like to see posted? RED BLUE or something else? (I would love to know what you would like and I will make this week just post a comment!) THANK YOU! ❤️
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    Price: 6$ - RU/EU, 8$ - US Location: RU/EU/US Availability of accounts: 30+ Payment: paypal Our accounts are not linked to the region, you can play from anywhere! You will be able to change your email address and account password. We do not provide refunds for purchased items. Change all data to produce on this site: https://account.riotgames.com/account Contacts: Discord - KATE#5536 Telegram - @ADVKATE
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    As promised Osiris legitv2 much better and improved legit (DONT GO OVB CUZ U CAN GET BANNED DONT STARE TRHU WALL ETC) Better visuals:WHITE(BACKTRACK).GREEN(VISIBLE AND SAFE TO SHOOT).RED(BEHINDE WALL NOT SAFE TO SHOOT) you can see droped weapons,planted bomb.some on deff.granades. added chocker and much more feel free to chance key binds etc... dont forget to check osiris for updates daily if osiris gets new features i will add feel free to give me feed back and any future improvments this is litle prev of cheat and what i did Skin changer us at your will to install cfg go to documents/osiris/ and paste it there VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8b925078351cee4f1d128650b898c74210b3ea942e59a39c04260ce7920732c4/detection legitv2_byLj3M00N
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    So it is my private cfg for otc. A. How can i get them? B.U must give me plus and send me proof on my discord - Jocelyn#6183 A. Is this hitting p? B. on auto is very good , with awp it is godly and with scout when hit mostly shooting head and killing people A. I send u proof and what next? B. I will send u configs. A.What if i will give them to other in comments? B.That means your cancer 😄 Have fun boys with making that EDIT: theres one config too for mm with team check and this dont need double tap EDIT2: some of u cant add me cause i had that not everyone can add me now u can add me all!
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    Firstly before i start this guide i would like to thank all you guys for the support on my previous guide and i would like to say that i respect every opinion on my comments. But in this guide i won't be going over offsets as i promised because. i saw people say in the comments that junk code is kinda outdated and VMP protecting your dll is easier and more efficient. I respect this opinion and i will go over VMP protecting in this guide, because adding junk code is a little more complicated than just VMP protecting so, without further i do, we need to scooby dooby doo right now. Now in this guide i will include a link to a program that is used for VMP protecting and also a video guide for a better understanding ( i will include text guide if its easier for people this way ). Also i would like to mention that this guide is gonna be an in-depth explanation of VMProtecting, if you don't understand anything please tell me in the comments. General So you probably heard that VMP protecting your dll doesn't make your cheat undetected from detected, and that's pretty reasonable. In reality VMP protection is software protection and is used in executable files such as .exe files, and also helps protect dynamic link libraries .dll files by not decrypting your code at all because most protection systems encrypt the code and then decrypt it when the application is started, instead it runs the encrypted code on a virtual machine (C.P.U. for example) which is different from generic x86 and x64 C.P.U.s as the command set is different for each protected file. Which all and all is a next step software protection. Does VMProtecting support your 64-bit Code? As you already may know there's been a massive growth of 64-bit systems, it is essential for the protector to support those systems. And the program i am gonna provide supports 64-bit applications ( such as drivers or libraries ), after optimizes and tests by the protector. So it can ensure to help you migrate your 64-bit code. How does VMProtecting your dynamic link library actually protect it? VMProtect allows the generation and verification of serial numbers, ( if you don't know what serial numbers are i am gonna explain them in another question, scroll down, ), for both manual and automatic generation of those numbers and the only limit there can be is time or date. Also if you use the program i am going to provide you can ensure that its impossible to run your code without those serial numbers. Also a next step to software protection. So corey what are those damn serial numbers you keep mentioning? So basically a serial number is a unique number used for identification, think about it this way. Serial numbers in product industries are used to identify a product and get additional information about it, for replacement, or as means of finding compatible parts. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I mentioned above that i am gonna give a program to use for VMProtecting and here it is : VMProtecting Program ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now i am gonna give some text instructions on how to actually VMProtect : 1) Download and launch the program. 2 ) When you open it you will see three options Open , Examples , Help and recent files. 3 ) Click on Open or drag the dll inside it. 4 ) If you clicked on Open, select your dll. 5 ) Once its loaded Click on the plus symbol ( Add function ). 6 ) Then a menu should pop-up with two files or more with a file named entry point usually. 7 ) Once you see those two or more files go to Options. 8 ) Now in this part you could switch the Virtualization to Ultra for better protection. 9 ) Then click on add Function . 10 ) And do that with all your files. 11 ) Once you've done that you wanna click on the Compile Button ( play button ). 12 ) And wait while your dll is being compiled. 13 ) Close your VMProtect and click Yes if it asks you if you want to save. 14 ) Right click, click Refresh and you should see your .dll with a .vmp behind it. 15 ) Final step inject once on csgo your xxx.vmp.dll 16 ) Also if you want you can also add a license before compiling, the way you do this is actually click on licenses then click on generate , and click the plus button that say Add license, then a menu should pop up and don't touch anything there unless you know what you're doing. So just click on Add license again. And there you go now you added a license too. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is also a video if you want to see, for a better understanding this guide dates back to 2019 but just skip to 3:15 to see only the VMProtecting part credits to darkz : Video with VMProtect. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You guys killed it with the support on my other guide and i would like to thank you once again for reaching the end of this guide too and this will be the end i don't know what else to say but peace. Have fun cheating.
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    So to start off, i'd like to say that i don't have any problems with addons that just add a couple of visuals or just miscellaneous stuff to the cheat and i am not targeting any addon in specific, this is a general topic. People who give the addons make others believe that this whole thing actually works and because they get just a good moment with the addon its more believable, but in reality it doesn't affect anything. Also i have seen people on other forums selling their addon dlls' to clueless people. Most addons are just pastes that have all their features removed but they keep some visuals and of course the resolver with major changes to the menu to make the whole thing more believable. Now if you want proof you can test it yourself or find videos that compare with or without the addon , kinda like a little before & after montage. And that's all i had to say, really wanted to put this thing out there for new cheaters like a warning, if you want to use one i am not responsible and if this topic makes you mad or anything you probably don't know that well some aspects of cheats and for people that are new to this situation i would like to say don't download those addons and to read this topic to the end for a better understanding and take the whole thing as an advice.
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    This is my first config for zapped.cc, my friend tested it on the original(paid version) and i tested on crack version, works with no problems make sure to unbind f to use triggerbot, mouse4 is for edge jump Spray lgit.xml
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    why did you start cheating in the first place?
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    Fake, functions don't working. 1. Fake cheat 2. Wacatac virus Thanks for destroy and stealing passwords.
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    on the chams tab, just turn off the hands, sleeves, and weapons one
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    i have it set to hit more head lower min damage to 80 to hit more scout and deagle cfg.cfg
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    How to use: 1- Open the game 2- Run as Responsible 3- Click "Inter": when the black screen appears 4-enjoy ______________ virustotal : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/f7f0f856d864505f5d85d13a32f3aac8036fd4c65f1ab24bacde7b85b300a07f/detection VNHAXVIP.exe
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    you should be more specific. VMProtect will only help if you are protecting a fully undetected cheat to keep it undetected longer, OR if you are trying to make something that is 'sigged' undetected. If you are trying to VMP a cheat with detected hooks, detected features, or something like a lack of clamping angles,etc... it will not help, you will still be perm untrusted if it is the case. Also, virtualizing the EntryPoint does nothing useful, once the code is run internally it will return the same function name and whatnot in the end anyways. ALSO, VMProtecting is only useful because it changes the signature of a cheat so significantly, same goes with any other packers/virtualizers. A L S O , VMProtect WILL not get you unbanned, obviously. Thanks 🙂
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    use osiris fake prime
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    any hack for valorant with aimbot and wh need it if u got write in comments 😄
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    Before you create a topic on the forum FIRST read the rules and SECOND search if someone else have the same topic as the one you want to create !!! There might be an answer there !! Also by not creating the same thread again and again you dont flood the forum !
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    This is updated so it don't crash csgo anymore POG ight here you go (Virus total) https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/638e5488d25b52539007bf511b5dce511dd6632f3816d97d2514150bfe50acc9/community OTC.dll
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    Open source hack for the Apex Legends game. With this source code, you can create your own full-fledged free cheat for the game Apex with the functions of Wallhack and Aimbot. DOWNLOAD SOURCE: Apex Source TheCruZ.zip The idea to make it work is: Install Visual studio Install Microsoft Driver Development stuff Install DirectX SDK and set the directory in the solution settings! Build kdmapper Build StrunderSv driver Build AmazingWindow Build LocalStrunder Load StrunderSv into system memory with kdmapper Run AmazingWindow (Nothing will be showed, is a transparent window) Run LocalStrunder Open the game
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    Because some of you forgot a rule that I said to use .... EVERYONE THAT UPLOADS VIRUSES GETS LEAKED !!!! So here is my friend > gangshitliav He posted an "injector that he made " with remcom .... but w8 ... remcom is not a development tool ... its a rat maker.... STOP BEING STUPID LIKE THIS GUY !!!!! https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/ HERE you can find infos about his ip and location ... liavcsgo123@gmail.com you can flood his email if you want the ip is resolved and its not through vpn CY@ BITCH !!!! NEXT TIME SOME ONE WILL TRY DOING THE SAME WILL END UP WITH THE SAME SHIT ....
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    Osiris dll : 0spY9YCuDMi82iSs.dll VT : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/99e074dff1ec8d988d09b72eef1f7433ad3ac3a1d8012652d4085f2f13cca693/detection -------------------------------------------------Changelog------------------------------------------------------- Added Hooks::install() method to fix crash Renamed GameUI::messageBox() to GameUI::createCommandMsgBox() Add Memory::keyValuesSetString function pointer Modulate envmap fresnel exponent instead of alpha on glow material Fixed crystal material Updated glow material Added new junk code Added new hashNew name for the dll file so it stays longer undetected from VAC Net -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    https://anonfile.com/D8N118e1oc/nanosense_updated_by_sejee_rar Enjoy . Now you can sell again your paste for 20$ / month
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    Hi! Your attention is a large package of configs for popular CSGO cheats. Use 🙂 cfg by Lucky, daered, deadpool, lunar, nightmare, xane, vane1488, Rachel 1001 OTC CFG's - OTC-CFG-By-Rachel.rar 880 OTC CFG's - cfg-by-Rachel.rar DeaDPool OTC CFG's - DeadPool-OTC-by-Rachel.zip Rachel's CFG + JS - Rachels-scout-ot-v3-JS.zip DeaDPOOL AW CFG - DeadpoolAW.rar Fatality CFG + Lagsync Lua - Fatality-CFG-LUA-by-Rachel.zip Evolve.xyz CFG - EVOLVE.XYZ-cfgs-by-Rachel.zip
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    is easy to do just put a random image of onetap v3 on the menu screen and a weird thing on the console and then you have a fake image of otc v3
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    Fatality.win Crack I Dont Have Any Config :(( VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9dbee8be506d394b78b95f2d438c006863f0a3af0f2f8d901f1f40f72ddd6445/detection fatality.win.rar
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    How do I not get banned for a link to the Discord server? You can advertise your Discord servers or sites in the following section: Rating/advertising You can also advertise your Discord servers in themes, but be sure to attach [download file], otherwise your theme will be deleted. If you are new, then specify a link to our forum on your Discord server. All thanks. All this is done so that there is less advertising. If you want to make your server popular at the expense of our forum, then create themes correctly and you will not have any problems. 😘
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    AimWare - this is a great cheat on CS:GO which is suitable for many game modes. Want to play quietly using only Legit features? No problem at all! Do you want to use this hack on HVH servers and occupy only the top positions? With the AimWare hack it is possible. We are happy to raffle out a subscription for you, and possibly two free subscriptions. Fulfill the conditions and maybe you will become the owner of the AimWare hack on CSGO. All you have to do is: 1. Join this discord : https://discord.gg/BPV9QEa 2. Like this post 3. Comment your discord name and tag (example KATE#9999) GL to you all. Important to know: The winner will be determined randomly through the website random.org Winner will be drawn on 03.08.2019, when this topic gets locked. If the participants will be more than 300 people, I will play two subscriptions